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Today it was -9F. I got 2.25mi/kwh on the drive in. My range is still hanging out in the 120's, which is "only" a 20 mile loss compared to my range around +20F.
Last Monday, I got 2.03mi/kwh on the drive in.

A week ago, there was a brutal storm here that we were on the edge of, but hit much harder where I grew up, near the MN-IA border. I think some stuff made it on the national news, but here's some snippets that may be of interest:
The freeways [expressways for those from the coasts] closed (common enough that railroad crossing arms are installed). Tremendous numbers of cars were stuck and abandoned. The National Guard was called out to rescue people, and even they struggled. There were reports of a tank, yes a tank, stuck in the snow. This was not true. A tracked military vehicle did get stuck, but it was a "small unit support vehicle" (pictured). Still impressive, but not nearly as dramatic.
Plows were pulled back (rare). Counties closed their roads (unheard of - Federal roads close, but NEVER county roads). Ambulances were pulled back (also never heard of). 911 callers were told to shelter in place and/or got treatment via phone only. Only critical cases were allocated an ambulance, and then only with a dedicated snowplow acting as icebreaker. (unbelievable).
At least one train got stuck (assumedly with a plow) and the crew had to be rescued the next day.
I saw pictures of people who's garage got blown shut, meaning, they put their garage door up and you could not see light out, much like you've seen in Europe in the mountains.
Locally, our county brought out a truck with a railroad style nose plow with the snout in the middle (I've never seen one on a dump truck, only trains). The guy had to take 3 runs at the drift in front of my house, which was an unremarkable drift.
This snow was very wind driven, packed hard enough to mostly walk on. Even with all the above struggles, this was only about top 5 storm in my experience. Of note, 3 of those top 5 storms have been in the past 2 years.

Two days later, it was clear and sunny, enough for some melting. The other pic is an icicle on the end of my shed that is hanging at a wonky angle, since the snow slid from the sun, curling it.

Once we finally got the driveway cleared after everything settled down, the Bolt handled the weather just fine.

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You can get away from all that winter situation by moving south. I was born in New York City, and I still remember as a child having to plow through waist deep snow so my sister and brother, both younger and smaller than myself, could we all pass and walk to school. In 1962 our parents decided to move to Puerto Rico, and since than I have seen snow only three times during work and vacation travels. That last time was in March 2015.

So, move south, live better, cheaper, longer, and healthier! So will your Chevy Bolt EV!
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