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Added Cargo Capacity to the EUV

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Wanted to make use of the roof rails and add some cargo capacity. Everything was bolt on and fit quite well on the EUV even though “official” fitment from Thule was for the Bolt EV. Wind noise isn’t bad, was able to hear the navigation at normal volume, I don’t have a sunroof. Will have to see impact to efficiency.

  • Thule ARB47B Aeroblade in black.
  • Thule Rapid Podium 460R
  • Thule Podium Fit Kit 3168
  • Inno Shaper 80 Roof Cargo Basket
    Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Plant

    Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Grille

    Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Car
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I have a similar setup... roof basket left over from my Subaru Outback, roof rails for an Equinox modified to the Bolt. Looks good on there, but it creates a lot of noise and a very noticeable drop in economy. I just wish it was faster/easier to install/remove like the fold-away roof bars on the Outback.
The wind noise is definitely noticeable. Glad I don’t have a sunroof. Got a pic of your setup?
Not a great pic... but I have these two that are from a review of a roof top bag that I did a few months ago.

Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Plant Bumper

Plant Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive carrying rack
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