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Does anyone know what pins 3 and 11 on the DLC connector are used for by GM's scan tools?

I have a 2019 MY premier, that thankfully doesn't have the Korean battery in it. However I have seen severe cell degradation at 9000 miles. The maximum range of the vehicle is only 150 miles, and the "SOC variance" PID is reporting over 30%. Service scheduled for next week, so hopefully they will agree it needs a new module.

I was only able to discover this because I built an OBD2 logger out of an old raspberry pi.

As my next step, I would like to set up a long term data logger of the HV Battery can, but unfortunately my vehicle is just new enough that it doesn't have the X84B secondary DLC on the passenger side.

I have figured out that I can tap into the HV battery CAN at the charging controller located under the drivers seat, and I would like to add this to the OBD2 connector, so that I can monitor the high speed GMLAN and the battery CAN using the 2 channels of my pi shield.

Currently, I am planning on using pins 3 and 11, since these are the pins used for HV Battery Can for vehicles that have the X84b connector. But I am a little bit concerned that if I take the vehicle to the dealership, that their service tools will use pins 3 and 11 for some random old GM product, and end up crashing the can bus. ( some random pinouts I have found on the web show these pins as being used for a 95kbaud MS-CAN, whatever that is).
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