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Pleased to meet you all, I'm Professor Alessandro Bolta, lepidopterist and magnetic engineer.

My small story is I've always hated cars, I don't understand why some engineers like them so much, it's an engineering nightmare. Take a rich energy dense source, waste half of it via a complicated system just to do something it does'nt want to do (turn wheels), and then have another complicated system to deal with all of that waste heat. So I dreamed of a BEV, but the early contenders (Leaf, etc) weren't ready for prime time in my opinion, until I saw the Bolt. It took 6 months to convince my wife to get one, which was fortunate as I was able to capture the discounts. My first new car in 50 years!

I've had it a week and am in total love. I brought it to the dealer for some detailing and had to drive ICE again in the loaner car, what a difference! ICE cars are so mushy.

Anyhow we've got three EVSE's at home and I have free level 2 at work. We'll ditch my wife's car in 3-4 years, probably for another Bolt.
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