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Many (BUT NOT ALL) Level 1 EV Chargers will operate at both 120 & 240V AC. When you charge at 240V you will get a full charge in ½ the time! Read this to see how it works and why it is possible. Click here: EV Bulletin - EVDOUBLER - How Does it Work, Why is it Possible

To charge at 240V you will need an adapter. We call this adapter the EVDOUBLER.

We have developed a list of EVDOUBLER 240V Compatible Vehicles. DO NOT USE AN EVDOUBLER if your vehicle and charger model # are not on this list. Click here: EV Bulletin - List of EVDOUBLER 240V Compatible Vehicles

For those who wish to make an EVDOUBLER click here: DIY Kit - EVDOUBLER 14-30/50 (EVKIT-515R-1430&50P)

We love to help. ‘EV Drivers Save the Planet’
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