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2017 Bolt EV
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No stains on the seats?
Valet: Which shirt would you like to wear, sir?
Colonel: Hand me the red one, please.
Valet: Very good sir. If I may, sir, why the red one?
Colonel: It's for the good of the troops. If I should be struck in battle, it will hide the blood and prevent them from becoming demoralized.
Valet: Ah, I see sir, very good.
Colonel: By the way, have we received the scouting reports yet?
Valet: Yes, sir. I understand the enemy outnumbers us 10 to 1.
Colonel: Hand me my brown pants, please.

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Took me a bit to figure out why I thought I was on loose asphalt or on asphalt that had gravel on it. It was the antilock brakes preventing it from skidding.
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