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Am I the only one who didn't know the VW ID.4 is rear wheel drive?

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Somehow, I totally missed this important piece of information.

FWIW, I went to the VW website and scanning pages of fluff, never saw RWD mentioned. I went back and read most of the ID.4 posts on here and didn't notice anyone who drove it mentioning the ID.4 is RWD.

That explains the low regen levels and the lack of true One-Pedal. In slick road conditions, too much RWD regen would result in an immediate skid.

Moot for us, as we would only consider the AWD version, which won't be available until late next year.

jack vines
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The FWD RWD debate is important in ICE, not so true in EV. ...
Why is that?
Are you saying RWD EV's don't get stuck in ice or snow conditions?
I've been stuck for the last time in a RWD. When it happens your choices are forward or backward.
I'll still get stuck behind them... :cautious:
With a FWD car you can usually claw your way out of being stuck.

And if you really want to up your winter driving game get Winter Tires.
Not old school snow tires but new gen Winter Tires that test great on ice and snow.
... FWD EV was in a distant fourth place and is so inferior, I would never recommend one for snow country. ..
Can any of this be tested?
I would never recommend RWD in snow country.
Weight distribution is a minor factor in snow/ice traction, imho.

When a RWD is losing traction, or has none, on a hill or ice you have 2 directions to turn the drive wheels, forward or reverse.
FWD is superior to RWD because you have so many directions to 'vector the thrust'.
Maybe my 'snow country' is different. Ice is sometimes in the mix, below or on top of the snow....

And after one winter with WINTER tires on the Bolt, I feel invincible!

Do you know the difference between 'old school snow tires' and modern 'winter tires'?
I have new winter tires waiting for the Spark EV, just watching the forecast...
For some 'unexplainable' reason this has been a crazy warm autumn and winter so far... :rolleyes:
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. My RWD car would just go sideways with any application of throttle on an icy street. ..
That brought back a memory from ages ago.

Kansas Turnpike. Ice Storm, as they are called. What looks like glass covered highways.
Slightest uphill, slight crown to the road, as is typical. Traffic tiptoeing....
My friend's father pointed out that the pickup in front of us had 'limited slip differential' because anytime the truck tried to start moving the rear would just drift to the downhill side of the road.
If he had a normal diff it would only spin one of the rear wheels and keep it in its lane.
We had to go around him. Sorry buddy. LSD is not an advantage today....
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1. My winter experiences are quite extensive and severe in upstate NY. Grew up not far from Tug Hill, look it up.
2. But my distaste for the driving characteristics for a FWD EV stem from the instant torque ...
3.Can you post some similar video's of the Bolt outrunning a snowmobile for example....
1. You win! ;)
2. Can't the driver control this 'insta torque'? Seems fine to me.
3. No. I can not.

I'm just patiently waiting for snow and ICE to arrive in the midwest,, with my two EV's on Winter Tires and an AWD gasser on AS tires.
Let's change the subject...:confused:. "Southern vacation destinations accessible with a CCS EV" !:p
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