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Am I the only one who didn't know the VW ID.4 is rear wheel drive?

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Somehow, I totally missed this important piece of information.

FWIW, I went to the VW website and scanning pages of fluff, never saw RWD mentioned. I went back and read most of the ID.4 posts on here and didn't notice anyone who drove it mentioning the ID.4 is RWD.

That explains the low regen levels and the lack of true One-Pedal. In slick road conditions, too much RWD regen would result in an immediate skid.

Moot for us, as we would only consider the AWD version, which won't be available until late next year.

jack vines
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If one read many of the reviews that have talked about the ID.4, then yes, one was aware it was RWD. For the general public, no, probably not common knowledge. But I'm also of the opinion that it's not as critical with an EV, since the weight distribution isn't as nose heavy as an ICE FWD.

VW went with drum brakes for multiple reasons. One is cost savings. But perhaps more importantly, since an EV uses its mechanical brakes far less than a regular ICE power car, the brake hardware doesn't get exercised very much, and disc calipers are more prone to corrosion and damage from lack of use than drums.
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Not sure I'd agree with all of that. Four-and-a-half-years in the northern tier where liquid magnesium chloride is applied to city streets; we drive in L 99% of use, go weeks without touching the brake pedal and our Bolt disc brakes look and function as new.

jack vines
That's what VW stated, although I'm not quoting them. I have certain seen frozen calipers in the past, especially for cars that weren't driven often.
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