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Ampera-e left side mirror part #?

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Hey folks, I've been looking for the part number for the left side wing mirror glass (US drivers side) for the Ampera-e with blind spot LED. I've found plenty of stick on repair glass but none that account for blind spot LED.

I love a good "euro" mirror mod and was hoping there was one available for the Bolt. Any ideas where I can find it or what the number is?
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Sorry, some last updates here if you attempt on a 2022 (as I have.) Fitment is perfect and it looks just like it should. Spacing around glass and housing are exactly the same and it snaps on/off just the same. Full range of motion for adjustment too. But there are a few little snags:

First, these EU/KR mirrors (and presumably all 2017-2021 NA models) have an additional green/blue extension wire for BSW LED, but 2022 got rid of it - it's a pink/purple straight into the LED socket. No problem, ditch the extension. However, they also swapped the polarity. You'll need to make a little adapter or simply repin the pink/purple to match the older mirror.

Second, the heated mirror posts are a tad thinner so you need to crimp them down a little so they fit more snuggly.

Other than that, the original mirror had what I presume is a metal stabilizer clip and the replacement did not. I couldn't get it off, but there appeared to be a slot for it. Not sure it's a big deal, but will have to road test at speed to be sure.
Any update after a year? How did the replacement work? I would love to get a bit more outside visibility if I can.
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