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An App for iPhone & Bolt owners

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I wanted to tell you about an iPhone app I’ve written that you may find useful. It was developed really for the Volt, but two of its functions are also useful in the Bolt.

- Afterblow: This function allows you to check the status of, and enable or disable, the Afterblow system built into your car. It’s intended to dry out the AC evaporator to get rid of odors.

- Diag: This function has two tests available:
°The first reads the “battery capacity” value from your car and reports it as both Amp-Hours and Kilowatt-Hours. (This is a remaining battery life indication, independent of state-of-charge.)
°The second function looks at the voltage of each battery cell to see how well cell-balancing is working in your car. (You can then export those battery voltages as a CSV file for later analysis, plotting, etc.)

The app works with the OBDLink MX+ OBD adapter as well as most Bluetooth 4 (BLE) and WiFi OBD adapters. To use the Afterblow function you must have an OBD adapter that supports the SWCAN (aka GMLAN) bus and also supports the "ST" command set. The known-good and recommended adapters for this are either the OBDLink MX+ or the OBDLink MX-WiFi adapters.

Search in the Apple App Store for “MyVoltControl”. (Sorry...this is not currently available for Android.)
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