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Android Auto a No-Go for me. Used iPhone perhaps?

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I'm scheming. My AA does not work with my Android phone (yes, I've tried multiple cables, looked up assorted directions on how to mate Android with my Bolt, all to no avail).

I know when I'm licked (a man's gotta know his limitations...). What are your thoughts on my purchasing a well used iPhone, for use only in the Bolt. Subscribing to one of the low cost services now out there, such as Consumer Cellular, which I now use for my Android phone ($25 bucks a month)?

Do any of you guys use such a setup in your Bolt? If so, which work for you?


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The phone is an Umidigi A1 Pro, running Android 8.0. I've owned it for around a year and a half.

UMIDIGI A1 Pro Full Specs
Interesting. I've never heard of that phone nor brand before. (FWIW, my personal phone is an iPhone 8 and I use Carplay with Bolt just fine. I work on iOS software for a living.

My work phone intentionally is Android: a Pixel 3, but I've never bothered w/Android Auto as Android isn't my preferred phone OS anyway.)

I swore I read about someone here who bought an refurb iPhone SE as a 2nd iPhone to use with CarPlay. Sometimes they've popped up out of the blue at ( and

I've considered switching to Mint Mobile after reading over,review-5030.html and hearing of some folks on another forum having switched to them.
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Edit: Amazon has refub Pixel phones for $150 and the XL model for $210.
I don't know how much you care about this, but keep in mind, if you buy older phones, they will hit end of security updates sooner. Many Android makers are TERRIBLE w/keeping up with security updates (putting them out in a timely fashion or at all). at the bottom lists when security updates are scheduled to end for Google-branded phones. Pixel and Pixel XL hit that in Oct 2019.

Although Google does put out security updates for their own phones and tablets promptly and regularly, they haven't been in the habit of supporting their hardware for that long. Apple's better in this regard, if you buy the latest and greatest hardware of the time.

BTW, looks like we'll probably hear about the rumored Pixel 3a at Google I/O on Tues May 7, 2019.

Example: Looks like original Pixel phones were introduced Oct 2016. Yet, see the above end of security update date.

In contrast, the oldest iPhone that is still receiving iOS updates including security updates is the iPhone 5S that came out in late Sept 2013. I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone 5S will not receive iOS 13. We'll find out probably next month when WWDC is held and iOS 13 betas come out.

My work requires that the smartphone we use to access our corporate Gmail, calender, etc. be either an up to date iPhone or an Android phone that regularly and promptly receives security updates which leaves only still being updated Google-branded phones. So, since I chose the latter for work, I had to turn in a Samsung Galaxy S6 once they instituted this policy and replace it with a Nexus 5X. Once Nexus 5X hit end of security updates, I had to get a new work phone, so i picked the Pixel 3.
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Google I/O began Tuesday The $399 Pixel 3A came out: That's the direction to go if one wants a cheaper Android phone w/pure Android and that receives security updates on a regular basis.
One of the limitations of Apple Car Play is, like most Apple implementations, the button that activates siri (the "speak" button) will only activate Apple apps.

On android auto you can press the 'speak' button and say, "play XXX on spotify". Pushing the 'speak' burtton in Apple will only support Apple apps (so no opening waze, google maps, spotify), which pisses me off about apple to no end.
The bolded part is NOT true. I just launched Waze, Google Maps, Spotify and Pandora by pressing and holding the voice button on the steering wheel and saying start (app name). They all worked.

However, play xxx on Spotify won't work. :( I'm new to CarPlay so I'm not clear if this is currently due to an Apple limitation on 3rd party apps. ( mentions it if you search for media apps.) If it's an iOS limitation, I wonder if it'll be addressed with iOS 13. We should find on at WWDC on June 3, 2019.
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