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Android Auto a No-Go for me. Used iPhone perhaps?

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I'm scheming. My AA does not work with my Android phone (yes, I've tried multiple cables, looked up assorted directions on how to mate Android with my Bolt, all to no avail).

I know when I'm licked (a man's gotta know his limitations...). What are your thoughts on my purchasing a well used iPhone, for use only in the Bolt. Subscribing to one of the low cost services now out there, such as Consumer Cellular, which I now use for my Android phone ($25 bucks a month)?

Do any of you guys use such a setup in your Bolt? If so, which work for you?


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One of the limitations of Apple Car Play is, like most Apple implementations, the button that activates siri (the "speak" button) will only activate Apple apps.

On android auto you can press the 'speak' button and say, "play XXX on spotify". Pushing the 'speak' burtton in Apple will only support Apple apps (so no opening waze, google maps, spotify), which pisses me off about apple to no end. Also, there is a significant Android update coming (late summer I believe) that makes the interface more visually appealing and adds some features. You may choose to wait and see if that takes care of your issue.
thank you for the correction. i tried spotify and with that result improperly applied it to non-apple apps. my bad
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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