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Another lurker to become Bolt owner

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Greetings everyone, just wanted to hi. Buying a Bolt this week, wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of information that helped us decide on the purchase. Picking up a 2018 premiere with 9 k on the clock for 28k. Having it sent to my dads house so we won’t see it until we come home for Christmas and then it will sit a few more months till we retire in May. We currently have a max energi and love the battery but looking forward to all electric. Everyone have a great day.
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hahahaha yeah your probably right....Although it looks like now, I will be getting a new one vice this 2018. Texas just opened the 2500 rebate so it now makes it more palatable to buy new. hope seal the deal here in the next day or so.
My wife also loves the Energi, and has the same gas anxiety issue. However our energi has been a great car, we bought in 2013 and today it just rolled over 16K miles, so its still fairly new. Most of its driving has been electric and the car has traveled the world, currently in Brazil and charging it here almost daily. Still getting about 25-30 miles on the battery. BUT, I am looking forward to the BOLT!!!!
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