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Hello all! I've been reading here for a while now, but am just getting around to posting an intro.

I got my Kinetic Blue LT, back in mid-April, and I am absolutely loving it! I have wanted an EV, since 1997, when I first saw the EV1. I was in college then and couldn't even afford to dream of leasing one.

About 10 years later I picked up a 1st gen Honda Insight, as a first step toward a plugin. It was only supposed to be a temporary placeholder, but with after my kids were born, I once again couldn't afford the EV. I had been a great car, and I will miss it.

Fast forward to 2015, and Chevy shows off the Bolt concept. It instantly went to the top of my wish list. Over the years, I came close to buying a used Leaf, or RAV4 EV, but I always felt the range was too short for my needs. Many weekends, I drive 100-150 miles, to go hiking or biking.

I was excited when Chevy finally announced that the Bolt was going into production. I would have picked one up in December, but had to convince my wife. Now that she has spent some time in it, she loves it almost as much as I do.

This car fits all of my needs, and fit into my budget. I also feel fortunate, that the seats fit me, too. My only gripes have to do with the infotainment system. It makes me long for a standard stereo system. Other than that, I love everything about the Bolt; the performance, the efficiency, the interior space. I'm definitely happy that I waited for this car to come along.


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