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Hi all,

Finally pulled the trigger on a lease on a new Bolt. Only issue was the color, I wanted a white, grey, or silver Bolt. But each place I was speaking with via email, if they had one on the lot, by the time I could get time off work to go check it out, the vehicle sold.

I ended up getting mine from Guaranty Chevrolet in Santa Ana, Ca.

2017 Bolt EV w/ DFCF, Infotainment package and Driver confidence Package
15k miles
3 years
$0 down
$0 drive off

Monthly Payments: $379/month (it was originally $363/month, but I opted for the $550 fee to get the XS Wear insurance that will cover me when I return the vehicle for worn tires/brakes, dings and dents, etc).

MSRP: $43,510
Incentives: Lease Conquest (I have 2 other leases from 2 other manufacturer's): $500
GMF Supported Lease - $1100
CCR - $2170
Total Incentives: $3770
Adjusted Cap Cost: $35,350
Residual: 57%
Money Factor: .00088

Doesn't include the $700 Costco card, $2500 California rebate, and $450 SoCal Edison rebate

I was initially dealing with Adolfo Moreno, internet manager there. Although the color wasn't on my list of choices, the car was just so difficult to find at any dealer that was willing to give me a good deal (most were in the neighborhood of $425/month). He initially quoted me a price $420/month. When I asked him to break it down, I also sent him a list I found on another board where the person broken it down by Bolt EV, Premier w/ DCFC, and Premier with DCFC, Info, Comfort. They further broke it down by 10k, 12k, and 15k miles.

After I sent that to him, he emailed me the next day that he could do $374, but since I was already leasing another vehicle, he said I qualified for an additional $500 off, bringing my lease payments down to $362. Ultimately with the $550 XS Wear insurance, it brought the payments back up to just a hair under $380/month.

I had a Chris Rock stand up performance to attend that night in Hollywood, CA. But my wife convinced me to just skip it (gave ticket to a friend) and get the car so I can stop stressing about it.

Got there at 6:30pm, and I was driving home at 7:30pm. Jacob Scarbrough was the sales guy who finalized the paperwork with me. Great guy.

Adolfo Moreno - Internet manager

Jacob Scarbrough - Sales Specialist
909-993-2540 - Cell
[email protected]

Good luck everyone!
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