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Any similar experience? My 2018 bolt completely shutdown; Battery and Transmission problems appeared on my dashboard!

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Yesterday morning, when I pressed the start button of my car, the word Battery started flushing on my dashboard, I turned it off thinking that maybe it’s just an isolated glitch. When I turned it again the word battery appeared, Suddenly, the word “Transmission” also appeared in my dashboard.
I’m so disappointed that I need to cancel all my appointments for my job and was forced to call the roadside assistance for towing to the nearest Chevy dealer. Can’t believe this is happening, May car has only 8K ++ miles.. sigh. So disappointed, service advisor called me and said that GM engineers were still trying to figure out how to RESOLVE the issues of my car!!!! Smh ?‍♂
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Why did you start a second thread on the same thing?
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