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Anybody replace bowtie emblem with Opel emblem?

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I have a silver Premier model and am really not liking how the gold Chevy bowtie looks against the silver paint. I was thinking of replacing the gold bowtie with black ones, but now I am actually contemplating going with the Opel emblem. For those of you who might not know, Opel is a subsidiary of GM, and the Bolt EV is sold in Europe and other parts of the world under the Opel brand.

Now here's the interesting part. The Opel emblem looks like a lightning bolt! I actually found LED illuminated Opel emblems for sale on eBay (see attached photo). I think one of those would look terrific on my silver Bolt. Has anybody done this? If so, can you post a photo?


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A bit off topic, but Opel WAS a subsidiary of GM. It has very recently been sold to PSA, which is primarily Citroen + Peugeot. As a result, an Ampera E is very hard to get in Europe. And prices have been raised with approx. EURO 5000 per November.
Looks good, I hate the bowtie as well. How much are they selling the Opel badge?
I'm thinking of blacking out the front bowtie, and putting an Opel bolt on the rear.

The front 'grille' has a bow-tie shaped indent, if I recall. The rear is taped to flat glass. The front is a no-go due to the detente and the rear has no hookup for 12V, and I don't want to drill the no lights for me.

For extra fun, I was going to get a smiley LG Emblem and stick it tastefully on the rear where a dealer badge might go, right under the 'Bolt EV'. There are number available out there, intended I believe for refrigerators....need to check that they are stainless.

After all, its a Chevy/LG joint project...they should both have a badge.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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