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Anyone have Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless connection going right?

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I thought you were supposed to bring an S8 into the cabin and if both were powered up there would be an automatic connection between the cars Android Auto and the phone. I've fiddled and fiddled with settings, linking and achieved a wireless connection, but it is not consistent requiring more fiddling the next time I get in the 2022 Bolt EUV. Phone software is level 9 & Bolt is current.
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Yes. Mine seems to connect and work as advertised. Ive only had about a dozen tries so far so my experience is limited.
When you enter the car with it off and phone on does the phone connect wirelessly without any action from you?
My Galaxy S8 hooks to the car just fine. But i just started having Mychevy app issues. I dont know if its related to the older phone or not. For the last 3 days i haven't been getting charge status updates. Removed/reinstalled the app, cleared cache. No success
Alright, it's not the Galaxy S8 thats the problem. I just switched to Tmobile and received a samsung S23+ and reinstalled the mychevy app with no success.
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