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I just got home with my new EUV LT and am very happy with my decision to purchase it. I will be posting about it soon.

The reason I am making this post is because I had found another 2023 EUV LT that was inbound to Premier Chevrolet in Beatrice, NE. I asked about putting a deposit on the unit and was told that their inventory management system would not allow them to take a deposit until the unit had been added to their inventory...and the salesman could not tell me when that would occur. So, I found the one that I purchased on the first call that I made after learning they would not take a deposit from me.

The Premier salesman called me the afternoon before I was leaving to take delivery on mine (three days after I had spoken with him) to let me know they had the unit on the ground at their dealership. I did not answer his call and decided to wait to respond to him in case the machine that I ended up buying fell through. The general manager answered the phone when I tried to call the salesman to let him know that I had taken delivery on another unit a couple of days later and she confirmed the inventory system conundrum was true.

I just got home from my "pick-up" trip. I drove my new EUV just over 850 miles in two days and the trip went very well. I drove from Wichita, KS to Rapid City, SD and with proper planning never experienced any range anxiety. I planned my stops between 90-120 miles and it was cold in eastern South Dakota (18 degrees for a couple of hours of driving before sunrise and a few hours after sunrise) and the EUV made it to the next stops just fine.

I just spoke with the dealership and they reported the unit is still available so, if you are looking for an EUV and a gray one with the Convenience, Comfort, and Confidence packages will fill your bill...and a road trip does not scare you, then you may want to give them a call.

Erich is the salesman who helped me. He was very professional and everything he told me turned out to be true so I would go back to him if I needed another EUV.

I hope this post does not violate any forum policies...I am just posting it because it seems lots of people are working to find EUVs before Treasury's March ruling on the $7,500 federal tax rebate and since I had found this one, I hope the posting will be considered a public service announcement.
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