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Might be possible to make it happen, but it's Bad Science. There is very little wiggle room in the Bolt front suspension. Raising it even 0.5" would not be anything I'd recommend.
What are the constraints? What do we have to modify? Tie rods? Strut mounts? Lengthen CV axles?

Some lift kits are just spacers. Some replace the entire rigging...

Body Lift kits may not enhance your suspension directly, but give you enough room to install larger flotations tires, which are a suspension upgrade. I'm pretty sure we won't be installing 37in milsurp tires on a Bolt, even with an extra 2 or 3 inches (which probably isn't even possible)... But, you could still go for smaller rims with larger diameter tires... A similar notion...

I live on dirt roads. I'd like to make certain mods so the car doesn't take such a beating.

I'm not a pathetic pavement princess, and so far, every electric car out there is...

Commie electric snowflakes love to insult people for driving Hummer H2s. How about an option? The Hummer EV is tragic, overpriced, and doesn't exist. The Cybertruck doesn't exist, and Tesla isn't know for great quality... Do you think I like getting 10mpg in my Hummer?

I'd gladly drive an electric car, if only there were one that adults could take seriously... I have a deposit down on the Cybertruck, but Tesla better step up their quality... I tore down 2012/2013 Model Ses. They're garbage.

Some people would be willing to create their own option, since none exist.

Slapping them in the face for it seems unproductive.

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Hi all..
I saw a set of shock/spring spacers for a Trax and was wondering if they would work on a bolt?
I'd like 'lift' the car at least 0.5" and possibly run some larger tires on the stock 17"s.
Lifting with spacers wont help you run larger tires, unless you convert to coilovers. The limiting factor is the spring perch overhangs the tire on the OEM front strut. It's position relative to the hub is fixed, and does not change with ride height.
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