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Are all EUV dealerships requiring add-ons and/or over msrp?

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Not an owner yet, but have been trying to find a car to buy in s. cal (north SD county). In a nutshell, I've contacted dealerships up and down the w coast and I'm finding either places selling over MSRP or adding on a bunch of absolute useless crap (that can't be removed) for several thousand dollars extra. I do get that the cars are going fast, several I've called on have disappeared within a day or two of showing up on the chevy inventory website. Anyway, are there dealerships willing to sell at msrp w/o all the add-on's, or does that just not exist for the time being? I don't want to get into a side topic, but despite not wanting to buy a tesla (really not a EM fan), the tesla local dealer has told me exactly what a model 3 would cost out the door and can have it delivered in 2 days. With all the extra's tacked on a quote I got tonight was right at 90% the cost of the 3 (and it wasn't even a fully loaded bolt). Any insights appreciated, I'm hoping I can still make this work... thx, Chris
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... the quote I got tonight add 10% to the total cost and my closest dealership (carlsbad ca) is about the same ....
There is no reason to use "the dealership closest to you" in this day and age.
It's not like trying on a pair of shoes.

I bought mine 1600 miles from home. It was a fun vaca road trip home. Plane tix are cheap.
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Out of curiosity (for both of you)... I've explained that to a few dealerships, in the SF area generally, and they've still been hesitant to give me an out the door price. ...
I my case, with several car purchases over the years, I would only deal with the 'Online Sales person'. I'd get a signed 'Sales Agreement' emailed to me and my Credit Union used that to hand me a Cert Check for that amount.
It was all handled before ever talking to any Sales Person.

I suspect you're on the phone to some shiny suit wearing Sales Dog that just wants you to "Come in the door and we'll talk". Find the professional online sales person.
I would call and talk to them the day before I arrived just to make sure I have a cell number for that person and we're on the same page for this sale.

They'll meet you at the airport curb, have all the paperwork waiting back at the dealership and you don't have to talk to that slimy 'Closer Dude', or whatever they like to call him.:mad:
It's all been quick and painless. Maybe I just got lucky...;)

Patience and Good Luck!!(y)
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