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Are all EUV dealerships requiring add-ons and/or over msrp?

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Not an owner yet, but have been trying to find a car to buy in s. cal (north SD county). In a nutshell, I've contacted dealerships up and down the w coast and I'm finding either places selling over MSRP or adding on a bunch of absolute useless crap (that can't be removed) for several thousand dollars extra. I do get that the cars are going fast, several I've called on have disappeared within a day or two of showing up on the chevy inventory website. Anyway, are there dealerships willing to sell at msrp w/o all the add-on's, or does that just not exist for the time being? I don't want to get into a side topic, but despite not wanting to buy a tesla (really not a EM fan), the tesla local dealer has told me exactly what a model 3 would cost out the door and can have it delivered in 2 days. With all the extra's tacked on a quote I got tonight was right at 90% the cost of the 3 (and it wasn't even a fully loaded bolt). Any insights appreciated, I'm hoping I can still make this work... thx, Chris
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I have a basically new Bolt for sale. It’s great if you didn’t need the tax credit.
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