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Are all EUV dealerships requiring add-ons and/or over msrp?

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Not an owner yet, but have been trying to find a car to buy in s. cal (north SD county). In a nutshell, I've contacted dealerships up and down the w coast and I'm finding either places selling over MSRP or adding on a bunch of absolute useless crap (that can't be removed) for several thousand dollars extra. I do get that the cars are going fast, several I've called on have disappeared within a day or two of showing up on the chevy inventory website. Anyway, are there dealerships willing to sell at msrp w/o all the add-on's, or does that just not exist for the time being? I don't want to get into a side topic, but despite not wanting to buy a tesla (really not a EM fan), the tesla local dealer has told me exactly what a model 3 would cost out the door and can have it delivered in 2 days. With all the extra's tacked on a quote I got tonight was right at 90% the cost of the 3 (and it wasn't even a fully loaded bolt). Any insights appreciated, I'm hoping I can still make this work... thx, Chris
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I just grabbed an "in transit" EUV Premier at Findlay Chevrolet in Las Vegas. Delivery is scheduled April 10th. They have had "market adjustment" in their web site but yesterday I texted to the sales rep and said I wasn't paying a dime of it and wouldn't work with them. I got an immediate text back to call him. He told me that none of the inbound Bolts would have that adjustment. Additionally, beyond $500 for paperwork & $29 for temp tag there were no other costs. The paperwork and tag with the MSRP was "out the door". I will be registering it in NM with a 4% sales tax which is half of NV's. They also didn't pack on dealer installed stuff. Two dealers in NM basically required you to accept $2K & $3K of dealer installed stuff as part of the purchase.

As of yesterday they also had two more Premiers in transit that were not spoken for yet. However, it appears that they (and just about 90% of the in transit vehicles I found) have both the sun & sound alone with the Super Cruise packages. In my search I hadn't found any without any packages. Oddly, I saw a few with SC only which I found a bit strange. Of course, there were a smattering of them with dealer stuff like mats and charge port light. I guess selling at MSRP isn't enough profit. LOL
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