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Are we ready for an Infotainment System recall or class action?

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There are so many failures in every model year that pales the incidents of the battery issue it boggles the mind it hasn't been recalled yet. If Chevy or NHTSA or Consumer Affairs won't act then maybe it's time for a class action lawsuit.

I've seen a few pop up for the battery recall demanding justice based on capacity loss (range). The Infotainment System is far simpler...It's just freaking defective!

Electronics don't automatically have a lifespan of three years unless it's designed that way or from poor design or components.

Any impact lawyers here want to take up the torch🔥?
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In warranty? Take it to the dealer to fix it and keep taking it. After 3 times without it fixed, lemon-law it. May be harder/easier depending on state.
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