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Auto Headlight Electronics Anomaly

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OK, so this is an interesting one. It's happened twice that I can recall. Here's the deal:

When powered up and ready to drive at night, if I turn off the headlights (Auto Headlights to Off), two weird things have happened at different times. A few months ago, I had switched off the headlights, and then back on before heading on a 35 mile freeway trip. During the trip, my Lane Keep Assist no longer functioned. I couldn't get it to come back on with the switch on the steering wheel. When I got off the freeway and came to a red light, I powered down and back up, but it still persisted. I thought something had failed with the LKA system, and I remember the dash display gave me some message about it, though it's been a few months and I didn't get a photo of it at the time. However, after parking and exiting the vehicle, when we got back in for our return trip sometime later, all was normal on the way back home. I chalked it up as a strange anomaly.

Saturday night we were in a parking stack at a theatre waiting to exit, so while powered up I switched off the headlights. Then, when clear to exit, I switched the lights back on. However, this time my HVAC system acted like it was dead. Nothing, nada, zilch. No fan, no AC, no heat. Powered the car off at a red light and back on: same result. Rebooted the infotainment system: no change. However, after parking and exiting the vehicle, only to return a short while later for another sub-25-mile round trip, all was back to normal.

So, simply switching off the headlights while powered up and "Ready" definitely interferes with other electronic systems in the car. I'm just curious if anyone else has had anything similar happen with their Bolts, especially the '17's.

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