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My 26 mile (each way) work commute is on mostly 45 mph speed limit roads. Some is 50 and a little bit is 35. In nice weather, I generally average just above or below 5 miles/kWh. Traffic this week has been unusually bad with lots of 10 mph under the limit conga lines. Yesterday, I think I set a record.

Here's my total for the drive home after charging to 80% at work.
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This is the high point at almost half way home just before traffic got better.
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This is the history when I got home. I don't remember ever seeing the scale stretch to 16 mi.kWh.
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As you can see, the temperature was about perfect. Speeds were mostly in the sweet spot. My travel was all either to the north or to the west. Winds were from the SSW at about 7 mph.

Side note: After charging to 80% the GOM was predicting 267 miles. After about 10 miles of driving, the GOM had not only not gone down, it went up to 270 miles. LOL!!

Color me impressed with this car. :love:
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