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Two months into owning my 2018 Bolt and I decided to try the pre-conditioning feature for the first time. It was about 5 C or 41 F out so not overly cold. When I got into the car 15 minutes later it wouldn't start and wouldn't acknowledge the charger being plugged in again. Ended up being towed to the dealership where it took three days to diagnose (it sat for two days before they even looked at it).

Turns out that the battery heater is toast and there are none in stock. They actually have to build one which strikes me as particularly poor planning, especially with winter just around the corner. They have estimated two weeks minimum before receiving the new heater. The good news is that I get a Cadillac SUV as a loaner but the bad news is that I have to pay for all the gas that pig will suck up when I have it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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