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Have you had a serious problem with your Bolt's HV battery?

  • Yes, a battery module (or the whole battery) needed replacement

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • No, but the battery seems to have degraded a lot more than I would have expected

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • No, everything seems normal

    Votes: 117 92.9%
  • I don't own a Bolt

    Votes: 3 2.4%

Battery Problem Poll — Yes or No to serious problems

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I thought it might be good to try to estimate the prevalence of serious problems. Please vote, especially if you're a lurker who doesn't normally post.

If you say yes, please also reply in the thread and say how many miles were on your Bolt when the issue happened.
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Hey, you left an option so I could participate. Very kind of you!
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That's amazing. Is there such a thing as range envy? :LOL:
Sure, but the way you get the envious range is to drive at unenviable speeds.
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No I don't. Having the car for 2.5 years and only one pedal driving you learn somethings.?
EVs leave very little in the way of technique to getting high range. Mostly it involves driving slower or using less HVAC. Climate is a huge uncontrollable factor too.
What is the incentive for dealers to deny warranty claims in the first place? They get reimbursed by the manufacturer for performing work, so I would think they would have incentive to not only make their customers happy (repeat buyers), but to make money fixing stuff.
Dealer rates for out of pocket customers are outrageous. The book time is 4x or more than actual. The parts are 2x overpriced.

CA is corrupt if they are interfering with the rate at which manufacturers and dealers negotiate their reimbursement.
Nobody cares about what's under the hood. They want the infotainment to work, lots of room, luxury features, and cup holders. People really don't understand EVs. Once had a person who was totally confused why I couldn't charge my EV at a gas station. They weren't kidding. They really did not realize that an electric car couldn't be "refilled" at every gas station. Another person who I had drive my Bolt didn't know that Tesla was electric, thought they were luxury hybrids. The EV crowd is still in a bubble I think.
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When I drove the Prius with my wife, she would always plug in, which trained me to not do it when I'm driving by myself. No big deal in the Prius since it just burns a little more gas when you forget.
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