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This post is a table summarizing the battery replacement recall remedy scheduling and completion. It is derived from posts in Post when you are Notified to have your Battery Replaced and other public postings. It was formerly post #53 of that thread.

Please post your updates in the thread linked above.

Tip: to find out if your car is eligible to schedule the remedy now, do one of the following:
If you see "incomplete" or "open", your car has an open recall that it is eligible to receive the remedy for. If you see "incomplete, remedy not yet available", your car has an open recall but cannot receive the remedy yet.

Quick summary so far of reported replacements or eligibility for replacement:
  • Specials = special cases (e.g. waiting at dealer with "bad battery codes", previously replaced battery in late 2018).
  • All = presumed all except for (possible) special cases for still waiting row.
  • Most, Many, Some, Few = as described, includes special cases other than still waiting row.
  • NR = none reported, presumed none except for (possible) special cases.
  • NDS = new dealer stock
  • KR, US = original battery origin for 2019 model year cars.

Batch201720182019 (KR)2019 (US)202020212022
October 2021SpecialsSpecialsManyNRNRNRNR
November 2021FewFewManyNRNRNRNR
December 2021ManyFewSomeFewFewNRNR
January 2022ManySomeFewFewNRNRNR
February 2022ManySomeFew?Few?NRNRNR
March 2022ManySomeFew?Some?NRNRNR except NDS
April 2022
Still waitingSomeMostSomeMostMostAllAll except NDS

Numbers in the US from recall quarterly reports at

QuarterModel yearsRecall populationTotal remedied
2021-4 (October to December)2017-201957,4148,272
2021-4 (October to December)2020-202252,41440

Notified eligible, scheduled, or completed:

NameModel YearBattery OriginBuild DateHigh Risk UseDate Noticed or Notified Remedy AvailableDate RemediedNotes
@SodePop2019KR11/2018Yes, often below 30%August 21, 2021, delayed to October 8, 2021October 14-18, 2021Brought car to dealer evening of October 14, 2021 (Thursday). Completed October 18, 2021 (Monday).
@ol3Faz2019KR11/2018YesOctober 15, 2021October 19-20, 2021Taken to dealer October 19, 2021 morning, completed October 20, 2021 evening.
@Hank Grady2019no later than 01/2019Yes, charged to 100% before recalls, but rarely discharged below 70 miles.October 14, 2021October 18-21, 2021
@CDubBerry2019KR10/2018Yes, charged to 100% before recalls.October 12, 2021October 25, 2021 (scheduled)Called by dealer service manager.
@Electric Patriot2019KRno later than 09/2018Yes. Typically discharged to 10-30%. Was charged to 100% first year.October 20, 2021October 25-27, 2021Dealer ordered battery October 20, 2021, expects it to arrive in about 7 days (appears to be arriving sooner based on scheduling). Brought car to dealer October 25, 2021. Completed October 27, 2021.
@oldskipro2019Yes. Typically charged to 100% after every drive (typically 50-60 miles, so never or rarely deep discharged).October 26, 2021October 26-27, 2021Call from dealer. Car at dealer since July 25, 2021 waiting for battery swap after refusal to drive or charge (probably from April/May software). Completed October 27, 2021.
@SlowAdopter2019October 27-29, 2021Call from GM (concierge). Procedure took a day and a half.
@jms10512019KR09/2018Used to charge to 100% regularly.October 15, 2021October 29, 2021First dealer said could not order any more batteries (already ordered 5). Other dealers said three months. After customer call to concierge, first dealer was able to order one (October 19, 2021). Completed October 29, 2021.
@OzarkMtnBolt2019KR10/2018October 22, 2021October 27-?, 2021Car at dealer 1 since July 15, 2021 waiting for battery control module. Call from dealer 2 on October 22, 2021 indicating receipt of battery for car. Dealer 1 (not certified for the recall repair) was supposed to complete the battery control module repair October 26, 2021 and then send the car to dealer 2for the battery replacement (that dealer 2 is certified to do).
@jd in portland2019during week of October 25-29, 2021
@CareyB2018KROctober 31, 2021Car at the dealer since July 2021 with a battery fault.
@USe-car201911/2018October 21, 2021November 1-2, 2021Call from dealer.
@scottmc19482019October 18, 2021November 1-3, 2021 (scheduled)Call from dealer. Battery arrived at dealer October 25, 2021. Scheduled for November 1-3, 2021. Also has 2021 car.
@MHa201911/2018October 28, 2021November 3-4, 2021Call from dealer.
@Bolt2019201912/2018October 21, 2021November 4, 2021Checked myChevrolet. Also received postal mail October 28, 2021. Was "not yet" as of October 19, 2021. First dealer said later November 2021. As of October 26, 2021, GM changed the battery order to go to another dealer who says that the battery will arrive in a week. Completed November 4, 2021.
@BoltCanuck2019KR11/2018October 21, 2021November 4-5, 2021Checked myChevrolet. Dealer received new battery October 28, 2021. Brought to dealer November 4, 2021. Completed November 5, 2021.
@kendallg2019October 14, 2021November 4-5, 2021Call from dealer. Dealer did not have a loaner car available.
@JohnnyDoMoreweek of November 1-5, 2021
@TheCyberKnight2019KR08/2018October 19, 2021November 10, 2021Checked myChevrolet October 19, 2021. Received postal mail October 27, 2021.
@CyberBill2019KR10/2018Unknown (not now)October 20, 2021November 29 to December 1, 2021.Checked (no email or call from GM or dealer yet). Brought car to dealer October 27, 2021, but new battery not yet arrived. Dealer said that arrived November 10, 2021, but was incorrect. Dealer said on November 18, 2021 that battery is expected to arrive November 23, 2021. Was "not yet" as of October 11, 2021 (concierge said "in the next group" and "in the next 45 to 60 days"). Recent salvage purchase, unknown driving / charging history, former rental car.
@sunOctober 26, 2021November 5-10, 2021Received postal mail. Dealer says battery arrived November 3, 2021, but will be about five days due to others already scheduled.
@JRT2019November ??, 2021Needed to return for proper coolant refill.
@BarryGon or before November 10, 2021Received rental for 10 days while car was being remedied.
@Pod2019KR09/2018Rarely charged to 100% or discharged low.October 21, 2021November 11, 2021Checked myChevrolet and got call by dealer informed by district manager. Call from dealer indicating battery received November 10, 2021.
@boltz062019KR09/2018October ?, 2021November 11-12, 2021Checked myChevrolet.
@Daddydave2019during week of November 9-13, 2021
@jon84912019KRno later than 10/2018Normally charges to 80%, low mileage.October 29, 2021November 12-16, 2021Received postal mail. Was on waiting list at the dealer until November 12, 2021.
@kineticbolt2019approximately October 19, 2021November 15-16, 2021Call from dealer.
@cotocy2019November 4, 2021Received email indicating that battery was ordered (did not ask).
@Tim2019KRfall 2018Yes, commonly charged to 95%, discharged to 5%.November 16, 2021
@dogyearNovember 16-17, 2021Initially scheduled for November 8, 2021, delayed until arrival of battery on November 15, 2021.
@greendave2019November 17, 2021
@Boxster19712019KRno later than 10/2018week of November 15-19, 2021
@windhamish201912/2018Unknown, purchased used June 2021November 5, 2021November 17-19, 2021Checked for recall. Needed EV specialist help to find dealer able to do remedy.
@efbolt2019KR09/2018October 25, 2021November 18-20, 2021Received postal mail. Dealer estimates "less than 10 weeks" -- already have four in the queue with no place to store additional batteries. Battery shipped November 15, 2021, repair scheduled November 18, 2021.
@vex2019October 22, 2021November 19, 2021Checked web site October 22, 2021, but nearby dealers unable or unwilling. Call and letter from GM October 26, 2021. GM EV concierge located an apparently-marginally willing dealer.
@Rusty Wilkerson2019KR01/2019Mostly within 30-90%, occasional trips charged to 100% discharged to 10%.November 5, 2021November 29, 2021Was "not yet" earlier in the day on November 5, 2021. Dealer ordered battery November 11, 2021.
@rlhammon2019KR10/2018YesOctober 25, 2021November 19, 2021 (scheduled)Received postal mail. Was "not yet" as of October 12, 2021. Had difficulty finding willing dealer. EV concierge found willing dealer November 4, 2021.
@Raymonium2017KR10/2017Unknown, car purchased used in June 2021.November 8?, 2021November 20, 2021Checked myChevrolet. Received postal mail a few days later.
@Bandit2019Unknown, car purchased used November 20, 2021November 20, 2021Purchased used November 20, 2021 after putting deposit in August 2021 and waiting for recall remedy to be done.
@Vaughan Pratt2019November 22, 2021
@Rthardison2019KR10/2018Unknown, recently purchased used, possibly was rideshare car.October 20, 2021November 23-25, 2021Checked myChevrolet. Was "not yet" as of October 12, 2021. Recently purchased used, possibly was a rideshare car. Nearby dealers not equipped to do remedy yet as of October 21, 2021. Dealer ordered battery November 11, 2021.
@BoltDriver20192019November 22-23, 2021Called concierge on November 19, 2021 to find dealer to do the remedy.
@GavinmccNovember 9, 2021November 23, 2021Checked myChevrolet.
@2017bolt2017KRNovember 24, 2021First fire recall software installed June 16, 2021, replaced row 3 shortly thereafter due to check car light, then replaced entire battery July 15, 2021 due to refusal to drive after row 3 replacement.
@JRTNovember 24, 2021
@BlueBoltThunder201905/2019November 6, 2021November 25, 2021
@Passing Lane2019November 16, 2021November 30 to December 1, 2021Received postal mail. Dealer says 2-3 weeks for battery to be delivered to dealer.
@steveskolnik2019November 13, 2021December 1, 2021Received postal mail. Called dealer November 15, 2021; dealer ordered battery that day, said it would be about a week to arrive.
@Voldar2019November 17, 2021December 9-16, 2021Received postal mail. Originally scheduled for December 6, 2021. Battery not available until December 9, 2021, when car was brought to dealer for remedy. New battery found defective. Loaner provided while GM ships another battery.
@dmausner2019November ?, 2021December 6, 2021Received postal mail.
@GreenBoltNovember 18, 2021December 7, 2021Received postal mail. Local dealer unwilling, more distant dealer to pick up and leave a loaner, then return car and pick up loaner after remedy, after GM concierge intervention. Completed December 7, 2021, but can only charge to 80% (incorrect software?).
@vespadaddy2017KRDecember 3, 2021December 9-13, 2021
@ElectricNed2017KRDecember 5, 2021December 14-16, 2021
@sasunde2018KRDecember 8, 2021December 16, 2021Checked website. Received postal mail December 16, 2021.
@SteveCaz2017KR11/2016Mostly charged to 100%, rarely below 30%.December 3, 2021December 17-24, 2021Checked myChevrolet or web site. Had 2nd high voltage battery disconnect relay replaced October 25, 2021 first one July 10, 2020. Battery did not arrive by December 8, 2021, resulting in cancellation of original December 10, 2021 remedy date. Battery arrived December 15, 2021.
@plunderisley2020USDecember 15, 2021Call from dealer. Scheduled for December 22, 2021, but when arriving that day, dealer has no information about it.
@sendler21122017KRUnknown, bought used September 21, 2021.December 3, 2021December 27, 2021Checked myChevrolet or website. Dealer mistakenly said it had battery for replacement on December 15, 2021, but did not actually have it when car was brought in on that date.
@LectricBill2017KRRecently staying between 75% and 45%December 3, 2021December 22, 2021Checked web site. Needed to call several dealers before finding a willing one. Originally scheduled for December 16, 2021, but dealer did not have the hose for early 2017 cars then.
@Vertiformed2017KRRarely.December 3, 2021December 16-17, 2021Checked. Called dealer December 6, 2021 to make appointment.
@grimy552017KRDecember 8, 2021December 17-18, 2021Checked. Got letter from dealer December 9, 2021.
@vikram2019December 17-31, 2021Dealer ordered battery after car dropped off (provided rental).
@AZBILL2017KR01/2017December 6, 2021December 20, 2021Was "not yet" on October 8, 2021.
@pra12456December 16, 2021December 20, 2021Call from dealer.
@NoTailPipe2019December 20, 2021
@AndrewEV2019KR05/2019December 3, 2021December 20-21, 2021Checked myChevrolet or website. Was "not yet" as of November 27, 2021.
@NortonCommando2017KRDecember 14, 2021December 20-21, 2021Call from GM.
@rscarce2019KR10/2018Rarely charge to full or drain below 25%October 25, 2021December 21, 2021
@cfhgarza2017KR02/2017No, usually between 50% and hilltop reserve (88%).December 4, 2021December 21-23, 2021
@Recalled2017KRDecember 15, 2021December 21, 2021Call from dealer.
@CDilko2019December 21, 2021
@Bob Beh2017KRDecember 20-23, 2021
@Openair2018KRDecember 3, 2021December 22, 2021Checked myChevrolet or website. Original battery appears to have only 49 kWh capacity.
@boltage2017KR12/2016Occasionally (not after second fire recall)December 22, 2021December 23, 2021Repurchased by GM November 10, 2021. Eligible for ...883 interim software December 15, 2021. Was "not yet" December 21, 2021. As of December 23, 2021, GM's recall web site says that "Currently, there are no recalls or programs associated with your 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV". Received postal mail about ...883 software January 4, 2022. Received postal mail about ...881 battery replacement eligibility January 10, 2022.
@BoltyVolty2017KR11/2017December 23, 2021
@Lin196872017KRDecember 24, 2021Previously repurchased. Putting VIN in recall web site no longer shows any recalls on December 24, 2021.
@leocal112017KRDecember 27, 2021
@wefordus2018KRDecember 10, 2021December 27, 2021Call from GM. Had ...883 interim software installed December 15, 2021. Battery arrived at dealer December 21, 2021.
@BurnsFisher2019December 3, 2021December 28-30, 2021Call from GM. Also checked myChevrolet or website. Had ...883 interim software installed December 1, 2021.
@WanderingStudentDecember 9?, 2021December 29-30, 2021
@keeperchris2017KRNo.December 14, 2021December 27, 2021Call from dealer.
@BigD2017KRDecember 29-30, 2021
@hendeerd2017KRDecember 29-31, 2021
@solargreen2017KRDecember 29-31, 2021
@desiv2017KRNo.December 3, 2021December 30-31, 2021Checked myChevrolet or web site.
@revinger2017KRDecember 10, 2021December 30-31, 2021
@flmgrip2017KRno later than 12/2016December 7, 2021end of December 2021Call from dealer.
@EtherDecember 8, 2021January 3, 2022Checked myChevrolet or website.
@Deant2017KRJanuary 3, 2022
@Pliny2019November 5?, 2021January 3, 2022Checked myChevrolet or website. Remedy delayed due to battery being shipped to incorrect dealer.
@Buzz Lightyear2018KRDecember 23?, 2021January 3-4, 2022
@fusionjazzJanuary 3-4, 2022
@sshade2019KRNo, less than 5 times below 30% and less than 5 times above 80%.December 5, 2021January 4, 2022Dealer ordered battery December 13, 2021, received it December 17, 2021.
@Photontraveler2017KRDecember 17, 2021January 4, 2022
@Ron T ReavesJanuary 4-5, 2022
@usedBolt2017KRDecember 8, 2021January 5, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site.
@LarryO2019KR08/2018November 11, 2021January 5-6, 2022Checked app or web site. Dealer still waiting for ordered battery as of December 8, 2021.
@ArcticBlue2018KR01/2018December 3?, 2021January 6, 2022
@micantony (parents)2019KRRare; 4 deep discharges in 2.5 years, mostly kept at 50-80%.October 19, 2021January 3-7, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Was "not yet" as of October 8, 2021. Have not yet contacted or been contacted by GM or dealer as of November 25, 2021.
@JasBro2017KRDecember 8, 2021January 6-7, 2022
@krkobel (1)2017KRDecember 15?, 2021January 6-8, 2022
@TrngMchn2018KR03/2018Deep discharging on several trips.December 8, 2021January 8, 2022Call from dealer, says battery will arrive in two weeks.
@krkobel (2)2018KRDecember 15?, 2021January 8-10, 2022
@Inductance2017KRJanuary 7, 2022Call from dealer January 6, 2022 (dealer had battery).
@Vinsuz2019USDecember 14, 2021January 8-10, 2022Call from dealer.
@Mooks2017KR12?/2016December 31, 2021January 10, 2022Received postal mail. Dealer ordered battery January 3, 2022, received it January 7, 2022.
@npatel10502017KRDecember 9, 2021January 10-12, 2022Checked myChevrolet or website.
@Steph2019no later than November 30, 2021January 11-14, 2022Purchased used in November 2021.
@MarspilgrimDecember 21, 2021January 11-12, 2022
@npatel10502017KRJanuary 11-12, 2022Was "not yet" on November 24, 2021
@PhilB2017KRJanuary 12, 2022
@Scott K.2017KRDecember 17, 2021January 15, 2022Received postal mail, but previously saw recall eligibility on web site. New battery gave P0B13 codes and will be replaced again.
@Curt2019November ??, 2021January 11-14, 2022Originally scheduled for December 9, 2021, but dealer said that battery has not yet arrived. Reverted to "not yet" with ...881 campaign number December 8, 2021.
@Dinah2017KRDecember 9, 2021January 17-18, 2022
@gonnabolt2017KRJanuary 19, 2022
@jnathlich2017KRSometimes below 50 miles remaining.January 13, 2022January 19-20, 2022Notification from dealer?
@ShoutsofTruth2017KRJanuary 10, 2022January 20, 2022Received postal mail.
@TooCheapToMeter2017KRDecember 13, 2021January 19-21, 2022Email from GM. Called dealer December 16, 2021, says battery will take about 10 days to arrive. Calls from EV concierge December 13 and 17, 2021. Battery arrived at dealer January 3, 2022.
@philselmer2017KR06/2017Usually charged to hilltop, rarely below 50% except for a few trips down to 10%.January 11, 2022January 21, 2022Received postal mail.
@martinknutson2017KRDecember 21, 2021January 25-27, 2022Received postal mail. Saw change in myChevrolet earlier.
@nokianich2017KRDecember 27, 2021January 26-27, 2022
@FAF2019US04/2019Mostly no, mostly used between 90% and 30% state of charge.December 14, 2021January 27, 2022Checked, changed "today" on December 14, 2021. Had the ...883 interim software installed December 2, 2021, and that software indicated a battery fault (car at dealer since then; was a bad cell). Dealer ordered battery December 21, 2021. Battery arrived at dealer January 14, 2022.
@ARob2018KR01/2018RarelyJanuary 14, 2022February 2-3, 2022Checked myChevrolet or website. Was "not yet" as of earlier the same day. Battery arrived at dealer January 28, 2022. Dealer called March 4, 2022 to inform that car is eligible for a new battery (even though it was done a month prior).
@Bruce Allen2017KRCharge 100% all the time, below 30% monthly.January 18, 2022January 20-21, 2022Checked myChevrolet.
@OneEV2017KR12/2016Yes, routinely goes below 30 miles remaining. Also uses DCFC frequently.January 18, 2022February 10-11, 2022Checked myChevrolet or website. Rideshare driving 200-300 miles per day. Eligible for ...883 interim software December 15, 2021.
@ReddyBolt (1)2017KR05/2017Always charge to 100%, occasionally below 70 miles.December 22, 2021January 20-21, 2022Checked myChevrolet or website. Received postal mail January 9, 2022. Dealer received battery January 10, 2022.
@matwonk2017KRJanuary 20-23, 2022
@Balloondoggle2019December ?, 2021January 25-27, 2022Called dealer January 3, 2022. Battery arrived at dealer January 11, 2022.
@w4rh4wkx2017KRJanuary 4, 2022January 27, 2022Checked web site. Received interim software postal mail January 5, 2022. Dealer ordered battery January 8, 2022. Received battery available postal mail January 12, 2022.
@jakep_822018KRDecember ?, 2021January 28, 2022
@NickSP2017KRJanuary 28-31, 2022
@cwerdna2019US12/2018Charged to 100% maybe once a week until March 2020. Done less until the 8/20/21 recall and now not at all.December 3, 2021January 31, 2022Checked myChevrolet app. Was "not yet" on October 22, 2021. Had ...883 interim software installed December 1, 2021. Repurchased January 28, 2022. Checked recall web site January 31, 2022 which showed no open recalls.
@ReddyBolt (2)2017KRCharge to hilltop half the time, 100% half the time, rarely below 70 miles.December 22, 2021February 25 to March 1, 2022Checked myChevrolet or website. Received postal mail January 9, 2022. Waiting for dealer (different from the one used for other car) to receive battery.
@grits2018KRJanuary 12, 2022February 1, 2022Checked recall web site.
@Poggio2017KRFebruary 2-3, 2022
@Digi201911/2018October 20, 2021February 2-3, 2022Checked October 20, 2021. Received postal mail October 27, 2021. Was "not yet" as of October 13, 2021. Second battery pack on the way to dealer as of January 14, 2022 (first one damaged in transit or at dealer). Battery arrived January 31, 2022.
@Plaj2017KRBought used.December 3, 2021February 3-8, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Battery ordered January 13, 2022.
@Pete Blair2017KR01/2017December 21, 2021February 7, 2022
@JimBolt2017KRDecember ?(late), 2021February 7-8, 2022Received postal mail. Battery arrived at dealer January 31, 2022
@PrimerGrey2019KR06/2019seldom (down to 60 miles twice, never over 90%, since recall advisory)January 10, 2022February 6-9, 2022The ...883 software found a battery fault. Recall status changed to ...881 on January 10, 2022. Battery arrived February 4, 2022.
@swmic2017KRJanuary 21, 2022February 7-9, 2022Received postal mail.
@RapmasterD2018KRFebruary 1-9, 2022
@9Franko92017KRLong commute usually discharges to below 70 miles remaining.January 22, 2022February 9?, 2022Called from GM EV concierge. Dealer incorrectly indicated recall eligibility on October 20, 2021 and schedule remedy for November 9, 2021, then cancelled on October 27, 2021. Purchased used August 2020.
@lifgard12017KRDecember ?, 2021February 10, 2022
@Wayward2017KRFebruary ?, 2022February 10-11, 2022Call from dealer just before scheduled ...883 software appointment indicating that car became eligible for new battery.
@birchyFebruary 12, 2022
@DJR2017KRYes, regularly discharge to 30-70 miles remaining (currently charge to hilltop 88%).February 2, 2022February 18, 2022Battery ordered February 15, 2022. Original battery appeared to have under 50kWh capacity.
@RobjFebruary 9, 2022February 28, 2022Received postal mail.
@Aeiou201901/2019January 11, 2022February 15-17, 2022
@JSH2017KRbefore 11/2017February 3?, 2022February 17, 2022Received postal mail. Call dealer February 12, 2022. Dealer received battery February 16, 2022.
@raitchison2017KRFebruary 20?, 2022
@Riderice2017KRbefore 05/2017February 19-?, 2022Received postal mail. Repair delayed due to coolant hose not being ordered.
@philselmer2017KR06/2017February 21-?, 2022
@tk19712017KRFebruary 3?, 2022February 28, 2022Checked app. Received postal mail later. Battery arrived at dealer February 23, 2022.
@joegreen6362019February 28, 2022Dealer received battery February 18, 2022.
@Lance DailyFebruary 28, 2022March 1, 2022Call from dealer.
@XJ122017KR09/2017February 22, 2022Checked web site. Original battery appears to have 51.2kWh from OBD-II PID, with 0.02V difference between highest and lowest cells.
@alanhall.cpa2017KRFebruary 22, 2022Call from GM. Had initiated repurchase process a week before, but GM cancelled it when car became eligible for a new battery.
@Moose20172017KRDecember 20, 2021March 4, 2021Checked. Had ...883 software partially installed December 20, 2021 (dealer only able to load two of three parts).
@BB722017KR08/2017February 17, 2022March 11, 2022
@Dusty2019February 8, 2022March 7-8?, 2022
@MikeZ2019USFebruary 16, 2022March 8, 2022Call from dealer.
@bil10242017KRMarch 7-9, 2022
@p7wang2019US04/2019Rarely (for state-of-charge range); recently 90% DCFC, unknown if that affects risk.December 21, 2021March 15, 2022Call from GM repurchase and checked myChevrolet. Was "not yet" as of October 8, 2021. Trade repurchased March 15, 2022.
@Bearsden2019February 22, 2022March 15, 2022
@Herbie Bolt2018KR06/2018No, 60km daily commute, recharge to hilltop 88%.February 24, 2022March 7-8, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site, "updated this morning".
@joesmoe3February 23, 2022March 13-14, 2022
@matt82dl2019USDecember 6, 2021March 15-16, 2022
@GJS_MA2017KRDecember 23?, 2021March 16, 2022
@SGW2017KRMarch 16-?, 2022Was "not yet" February 13, 2022.
@etmakesmovies2018KRJanuary ?, 2022March ?, 2022
@klzig2017KR02/2017Occasional charging from 100% to 10%.February 24, 2022March 30, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Was "not yet" as of January 4, 2022.
@Gus2017KRFebruary 24, 2022Received postal mail.
@Will Eert2017KRBattery replaced in 2018 with part number 24289950.February 25, 2022Checked web site. Received postal mail March 14, 2022.
@dyno12017KRFebruary 25, 2022
@Electric Idiot2017KRFebruary 28, 2022
@EV Trek 376042017KR11/2017March 2, 2022March 23, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Received postal mail March 15, 2022. Battery arrived at dealer March 17, 2022.
@Robj2019February ?, 2022March 12-19, 2022Originally scheduled for February 28, 2022, but battery had not arrived by then.
@DanAbbott2017KRMarch 3, 2022March 19, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Battery ordered March 7, 2022. Car was reserved purchased from Chevrolet dealer before battery replacement. Car delivered March 21, 2022.
@GJETSON2017KR12/2016March 3, 2022
@bankshot2018KRMarch 6?, 2022May 16, 2022
@micantony2019US03/2019January 20, 2022March 21, 2022
@dborn2019KR06/2019March 7, 2022March 22, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Had ...883 software installed early December 2021.
@zzzing2018KRJanuary 29, 2022March 23-24, 2022Call from GM (EV concierge). Battery arrived at dealer March 15, 2022.
@doornumber32019March 22-24, 2022Battery arrived at dealer March 23, 2022.
@GusFebruary 24, 2022March 25, 2022
@John20802017KRMarch 31, 2022
@Boltict2019USRarely charged over 80%.March 8, 2022March 29, 2022Checked myChevrolet. Dealer ordering battery March 8, 2022.
@H8cloz2019March 8, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Dealer ordering battery March 8, 2022.
@BarbCCFL2019Usually between 25% and 85%March 8, 2022March 24, 2022Call from dealer. Dealer says "2 weeks". Was "not yet" as of November 4, 2021.
@jkoravos2019USMarch 9, 2022March 30, 2022Received postal mail January 2022, but did not open it until March 9, 2022.
@Trumpeter2019February ?, 2022March 29-30, 2022Received postal mail late February 2022.
@GetOffYourGasApril 2, 2022April 4-5, 2022Call from dealer(?).
@phuber2018KRApril 8, 2022
@SpaDogs2022USApril 11, 2022Call from dealer.
@grommet2019March 9, 2022April 12, 2022
@Alathorne2019March 16, 2022Checked web site. Was "not yet" as of March 15, 2022.
@Sean Nelson2017KR09/2017Usually not.March 17, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Was "not yet" December 3, 2021.
@BigMtnBolt2017KRMarch 17, 2022June 20-23, 2022Received postal mail.
@stangbat2019KR06/2019No, usually within 35% to 70%.March 21, 2022April 21, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Was "not yet" as of February 9, 2022. Recall changed to ...883 for interim software on November 19, 2021.
@JC Bolt2017KRMarch 21, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site.
@mgoleta2018KRno later than 06/2018March 23, 2022April 26-27, 2022Call from dealer.
@stuartm2017KRMarch 31?, 2022April 26-28, 2022Received postal mail.
@nelsonxm2017KRMarch 21, 2022April 27-28, 2021Received postal mail.
@Drvitforever2018KRMarch 24, 2022Call from dealer.
@aeckert2018KRMarch 25?, 2022April 11-12, 2022Checked myChevrolet.
@Alathorne2019March 16, 2022April 13-14, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site.
@captivabolt2017KRApril 2?, 2022April 16, 2022
@COBolt2019US05/2019No, consistently charged between 30% and 75% (no DCFC).April ?, 2022April 18-22, 2022Received postal mail.
@firimari2019April 25-26, 2022
@esagreroDecember ?, 2021; February ?, 2022; ?First replacement battery failed (P0BBD, charge limit 30%) in February 2022. Second replacement battery failed April 17, 2022 (charge limit 30%).
@mkchen2019January 7, 2022; March 7, 2022; May 7, 2022First replacement battery failed (P0BBD, charge limit to 30%). Second replacement battery failed (charge limit to 30%).
@Jlersch2017KRMarch ?, 2022May 27, 2022
@B2 SHAY2022USJune 1, 2022Car contracted to purchase from dealer stock in August 2021, delayed by stop-sale.
@Sequimbay2018KRJune 7, 2022June 7-9, 2022Call from dealer.
@hickman55201905/2019June 11, 2022June 19-22, 2022Call from dealer.
@BigMtnBolt2017KRJune 20, 2022Call from dealer.
@Fivedoor2017KRJanuary 3-7, 2022June 15-16, 2022
@Packard V82017KRApril 22, 2022Received postal mail.
@prsncat2019December 13, 2021Car at dealer since November 2, 2021 waiting for high voltage battery disconnect part. Battery arrived at dealer by January 5, 2022.
@quirkySquirt2017KR08/2017January 17, 2022March 2, 2022; August 30, 2022Replacement battery failed AUgust 17, 2022 with P0BBD with cell 65 failed and was replaced again.
@buk8552017KRJanuary 19, 2022
@BOLTAIC2017KRJanuary 20, 2022
@hflameJanuary 22, 2022Checked myChevrolet. Dealer wants car first before ordering battery.
@ckrue612019January 22, 2022
@Eriamjh11382017KR01/2017January 31, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site. Dealer says a few months with 50 customers ahead.
@jimmoff2017KR01/2017January 31, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site.
@GaryfspinnerFebruary 1, 2022
@shocker2017KR11/2017February 2, 2022Checked myChevrolet or web site.
@Lightning2017KRFebruary 2, 2022Confirmation from concierge.
@GreenfanFebruary 4, 2022Received postal mail.
@Mateo1147February 10?, 2022
@knoepler2019KR10/2018Sometimes charge to 100%August 2021, delayed to October 8, 2021Originally selected for pilot program of module replacement (pilot program cancelled). Dealer received new battery October 14, 2021. Repurchased by GM November 19, 2021.
@LKing2019KR11/2018Yes, commonly charged 100%, discharged below 30%.August 19, 2021, delayedRepurchased by GM September 16, 2021.
@BodyElectric2019October 19, 2021
@chicagobolt2019KR10/2019Occasional charging to 100% mostly during winter.October 21, 2021Checked myChevrolet October 21, 2021. Postal mail from GM October 26, 2021. Was "not yet" as of October 18, 2021.
@Mr Ed201911/2018October 21, 2021Call from dealer.
@Lefty32October 26, 2021Received postal mail.
@Avignon2019November 5, 2021Checked web site ("just changed").
@JBDugan2019KR08/2018November 9, 2021Repurchased by GM November 27, 2021.
@Anderdd2019KRCharge to 90% daily, discharge to 25% to 40%.November 12, 2021Dealer waiting for parts as of November 22, 2021.
@fdr8cer2017KRNovember 13, 2021Received postal mail. Original battery replaced under warranty in late 2018 due to a bad cell.
@ezcry4t3d2019KRno later than 09/2018November 15, 2021Received postal mail.
@Like2bike2019November 15, 2021Received postal mail. Remedy initially scheduled for December 6, 2021. Dealer claimed on December 1, 2021 that "no batteries would be available until mid-Feb".
@twriter2019November 17, 2021Received postal mail. Trade-repurchased by GM in July 2021 (replaced with 2021 Bolt).
@ArizonaJon2019November 18, 2021Call from GM. Repurchased by GM February 2021.
@JFBolt2017KRNot currently, but recently bought used, so unknown charge / discharge history (but non-GM dealer had charged it to 100%).December 3, 2021Checked myChevrolet or web site. Dealer backlogged until end of January 2022.
@ga2500ev2017KRDecember 3, 2021Checked myChevrolet or web site. Reverted to "not yet" with ...881 campaign number December 7, 2021.
@BoltyVolty2017KR11/2017OccasionallyDecember 3, 2021Checked myChevrolet or web site.
@ninj4geek2017KRDecember 3, 2021Checked myChevrolet or website.
@Darsh2018KR12/2017December 3, 2021Checked myChevrolet or website.
@John in Toronto2019USDecember 3, 2021Car has been at the dealer for 4 weeks. Dealer called and said they were ordering the battery to complete repairs.
@Eric G (#2)2019December 3, 2021Nearest dealer says that their queue is through April 2022.
@stangoldberg2017KRDecember 4, 2021Call from dealer.
@Amberdea2017KRDecember 5, 2021
@trekguy772017KRDecember 6, 2021
@lifgard12017KRUnknown, purchased used October 2021December 6, 2021Checked web site.
@John Mc2019December 6, 2021Call from GM.
@AHughes2017KRDecember 7, 2021Call from dealer.
@Scott_R2019KRDecember 7, 2021Called dealer about ...883 software. Dealer said that car is now eligible for new battery. Was "not yet" on October 20, 2021.
@buyback the car or notDecember 8, 2021Call or email from GM.
@seattlite2018KR02/2018Frequent discharging to 3-4 bars (11-20%).December 14, 2021Notification in myChevrolet.
@threeputtsDecember 17, 2021Received postal mail.
@GRS2018KRDecember 17, 2021Call from GM and received postal mail.
@fbitz7772019December 20, 2021Received postal mail. Local dealer only orders one battery at a time, and there are 5 others ahead in the queue, so at least 10 weeks out.
@gallen2017KR04/1027December 23, 2021Checked myChevrolet and NHTSA web site.
@skedaddle2018KRUnknown, purchased used in September 2021December 23, 2021
@seaacs2017KRDecember 23?, 2021Dealer will only order one battery per week.
@troublesome3January 10, 2022Received postal mail.
@twiin6402018KRJanuary 11, 2022Received postal mail.
@Jim Fallston Md.2017KRMarch 26, 2022Received postal mail. Repurchased April 9, 2021.
Facebook C.L.C.2017KROctober 12, 2021October 30, 2021Car at dealer since August 2021 waiting for battery module replacement.
Facebook A.S.M.2019KR09/2018Yes, 100% charging, deep discharging daily commuteOctober 12, 2021October 19, 2021Repurchase denied in April 2021. Remedy completed October 19, 2021.
Facebook B.J.M.2017KROctober 21, 2021Car at dealer since July 2021 waiting for battery module replacement. Entire battery replaced October 21, 2021.
Facebook B.S.2019October 21, 2021Car towed to dealer August 7, 2021 refusing to drive with P1E00, P0AA1, P0BBD codes. Entire battery replaced October 21, 2021.
Facebook A.K.201911/2018October 19, 2021October 22-26, 2021Had to call several dealers to find one ready to do the remedy. Dropped off at dealer October 22, 2021 (Friday), picked up October 26, 2021 (Tuesday).
Reddit u/n8ivy2019October 21, 2021Dropped off at dealer October 20, 2021, completed October 21, 2021.
Reddit u/iNGneer2019October 12, 2021Swap denied earlier in 2021
Facebook C.C.October 13, 2021Nearby dealer said that they did not want to do the recall work because car was not bought there (bought used from non-Chevrolet dealer).
Facebook M.W.October 14, 2021Found that most dealers in area are not equipped to do the recall repair, and that one that may does not have loaner cars due to shortage.
Facebook R.T.2019Occasional 100% charging, "never less than 20%".October 12, 2021October 25, 2021 (scheduled)
Facebook R.W.2019October 15, 2021October 19, 2021 (scheduled)
Facebook L.D.2019KR10/2018October 8, 2021October 19, 2021 (scheduled)
Facebook C.W.B.October 15, 2021Call from GM, who will call a local dealer to schedule remedy.
Facebook P.L.2019October 14, 2021Call from GM, offered to do 3-way call with local dealer who was too busy to schedule.
Facebook K.M.2019October 16, 2021Call from GM which left message.
Facebook T.K.2019October 16, 2021Checked myChevrolet.
Facebook B.L.2018KROctober 16, 2021Call from GM.
Facebook C.O.2017KROctober 12-16, 2021Call from GM. Car at dealer since August 2021 waiting for battery module replacement.
Facebook G.K.2019KROctober 20, 2021
Facebook M.A.2019October 20, 2021October 25-29, 2021 (scheduled)Call from GM.
Facebook L.S.2019KROctober 20, 2021October 22 or 25, 2021 (intended scheduling)Call from GM or dealer (not specified).
Facebook A.S.2019October 20, 2021Called dealer.
Facebook A.H2018KRYes, charged to 100% daily and often deeply discharged.November 11, 2021Car had 185k miles before battery replacement. Reports battery capacity estimate of 52.6 kWh before, 64.8 kWh after.

Not yet -- recall "incomplete, remedy not yet available":

NameModel YearBattery OriginBuild DateHigh Risk UseDate Checked Remedy Not Yet AvailableNotes
@Nuts n Bolt2020US07/2020RarelyOctober 8, 2021
@GuyDudeman2019NoOctober 8, 2021
@AdrianC2021USOctober 14, 2021
@Lite22021US12/2020October 17, 2021Waiting for swap for new build 2022 EV.
@sfatula2020USOctober 17, 2021Currently stored at dealer.
@dlcuslidge2018KROctober 18, 2021
@atc980922022USDecember 21, 2021Received email indicating eligible for ...883 interim software December 21, 2021.
@F16-Falcon2020USYes, frequent discharging below 30%October 19, 2021
@Maritime2021USOctober 20, 2021
@Ipassgas2017KROctober 20, 2021
@scottmc19482021USOctober 28, 2021Also has 2019 car remedied November 1-3, 2021.
@scottmc1948 sister-in-law2020USOctober 28, 2021
@jeanpierre2021USCharged to 100% until recalls. Almost never below 40%.October 30, 2021Call from dealer October 27, 2021 incorrectly saying that car will be remedied in December 2021. GM Canada recall web site shows "not yet" on October 30, 2021.
@kent2020USNovember 10, 2021
@finch4ever201909/2019November 13, 2021
@JBDugan2021USNovember 28, 2021
@TotaledJetta2017KR??/2016December 6, 2021
@Eric G (#1)2019December 11, 2021
@2019EVLT2019KR05/2019Rarely charge to 100% or deep discharge.December 15, 2021
@Kbecker2020USDecember 21, 2021EV concierge called twice to say that car was eligible, but car is not eligible according to customer and dealer checks of official GM information.
@Colinmini2020USDecember 21, 2021Call from GM indicating eligibility December 9, 2021. But on December 16, 2021, GM EV concierge said that car was not eligible. Eligible for interim software December 21, 2021.
@Red Ruby2019KR08/2019December 29, 2021
@Duke Woolworth (1)2019January 7, 2022
@Duke Woolworth (2)2019January 7, 2022
@krkobel (3)2020USJanuary 8, 2022
@krkobel (4)2020USJanuary 8, 2022
@Jerry A.2017KRFebruary 12, 2022
@2020 Bolt NJ2020USFebruary 28, 2022
@duncanator201905/2019March 9, 2022
@Cindy_K2017KRMarch 9, 2022
@RickH2020USMarch 9, 2022
@tweak10292017KRApril 16, 2022
Facebook H.B.2018KROctober 19, 2021Car at dealer with codes P0AA1 and P0BBD since August 2021. Checked myChevrolet.

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Discussion Starter · #7 · (Edited)
Patterns observed so far:
  1. Mostly 2019 cars with earlier build dates (including October 2018 that had a relatively large number of fires) have become remedy-eligible so far. However, some 2019 cars with earlier build dates (including October 2018) are still waiting.
  2. Some non-2019 cars have been reported of interest:
    1. Three 2017 cars have been reported as becoming remedy-eligible.
      1. Two of these have been at dealers since August awaiting battery modules.
    2. One 2018 car has been reported as becoming remedy-eligible -- not much detail regarding that car.
    3. One 2018 car that has been at a dealer since August with P0AA1 and P0BBD codes (from the first fire recall software) was still waiting as of October 19, 2021.
  3. Customers found out about remedy-eligibility in different ways:
    1. Checked myChevrolet mobile app or web site.
    2. Call from GM.
    3. Call from dealer.
  4. Remedy-eligibility appears to be updated frequently or daily, possibly as batteries are produced each day.

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Mine still shows Incomplete "Remedy. Not Yet Available". I had it in the dealer several times for odd range reports (the guessometer was showing about 70-100 miles less than normal range during optimal temps). I was showing approx 47 kWH being added back from 'empty', but almost never anything in the 50's.

Also did both 'update' recalls. Currently set for hill top reserve. Regularly charge to 95%. Run it down to 30-70 miles. If I don't drive/discharge it this way, the range estimate gets all out of wack. Had a reset done and ran it dead 3 times per the dealer request (as low as I dared to drive it where there was no range estimate shown). eMPG is back in the 110-120 range.
Have you tried reading battery capacity estimate and cell group voltages through OBD-II as described at ?

Note that one of the cars that caught fire did so after previous customer complaints about reduced capacity / range.

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Discussion Starter · #29 ·
So far, looks like still mostly 2019 cars, with customers finding out in various ways (checking myChevrolet or web site, call from GM, postal mail from GM, call from dealer).

However, there have been cases where a dealer incorrectly told a customer that their car was now eligible, only to back out because the car was not eligible and they could not get a battery. If a dealer calls, it is best to verify eligibility on myChevrolet or web site to be sure, especially if it looks like your car may be coming up earlier than expected (e.g. a dealer tells you that your 2022 car is eligible while most replacements are still happening to 2019 with Korea-made batteries).

There have also been cases where customers have found local dealers unable or unwilling to do the remedy for eligible cars, or incorrectly imposing additional requirements like having to bring the car in first for an inspection before they will order a battery. If that occurs, it may be necessary to call a GM EV concierge to get some GM assistance here.

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Understand how to use the web sites, but it bugs me that without OnStar I can't check for recalls in the MyChevrolet app. I'm not going to pay OnStar for service just to get that. 2017 so all the free service offers (if there ever were any) are done.
2017 came with free OnStar Basic (or something like that) for 5 years. No 2017 has been in a customer's hands for more than 5 years, so you should still have the free OnStar Basic if you have a 2017 car.

However, there is some sort of bug somewhere which is causing the myChevrolet app to redirect to the web page where you need to put in the VIN, instead of directly showing your car's recall status. This has been occurring for the last few days (sometimes, it appears fixed and shows the recall status directly, but then later redirects to the web page).

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Another update / observation as of November 4, 2021: it looks like new notifications of remedy eligibility have stopped or significantly slowed since late October, based on the reports in these forums. There have been no reports on these forums of new remedy eligibility checked on myChevrolet or the web site since October 22, 2021, although some postal notices were reported through October 26, 2021.

I have not been adding more Facebook reports, but it seems like the new notifications of remedy eligibility have stopped or significantly slowed since then as well.

Given that remedy work is still filling dealer service schedules, perhaps the bottleneck is, for now, at the dealers or moving the new batteries to the dealers. Perhaps that is why GM is doing a two week run of new Bolt EV and EUV production, but then shutting down production for another three weeks after that (perhaps to supply batteries for the next round of cars moved to the remedy eligible list).

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Have you read the procedure? As far as "major" auto work goes, it is about a 3 out of 10 on the complicated scale. Any halfway decent tech (and I assume EV certified techs are going to be better as a whole than the average tech) should be able to handle this without incident.
Yes, the replacement procedure is conceptually quite simple. The main complexity is due to the fact that the battery weighs somewhere around 1,000 pounds and has high voltage, so careful handling with equipment like lift table and forklift or engine hoist is necessary, unlike for something much smaller like a 12V lead-acid battery.

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I'm talking about the meta-procedure around how people get notified, which dealers can do the work, how batteries get ordered and shipped, how appointments for the work get scheduled and fulfilled, etc. That seems to be where a lot of the confusion lies right now in these early days.
Seems like notification is basically this:
  1. Car is moved to the remedy-eligible list.
  2. Postal mail is sent to customer, arriving a few days later.
However, the variation is that customers may find out earlier in Check for Recall in myChevrolet, or by putting the VIN in the web site. In addition, some have reported getting phone calls from GM informing them that their car is now remedy-eligible. There are also some dealers who have taken to calling customers, but some have been reported to have called customers in error before their cars became remedy-eligible.

On ordering and shipping, it seems like some dealers may not have carefully read the ordering instructions for getting the recall replacement batteries.

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Some other observations:
  • Looks like most, but not all, of the 2019 with Korea-made batteries reported on these forums were moved to remedy-eligible in October.
  • It looks like there was a hiatus in moving cars to remedy-eligible since October 22, but I just saw two reports of new remedy-eligibility today on Facebook (not adding more Facebook reports to the table). So maybe the moving of cars to remedy-eligible is starting back up, if there was a hiatus.
  • (Revision) It looks like a forum member just reported their car being moved to remedy-eligibility today.

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One Big Smoldering Question:

What is happening to the 99.9% of these battery packs which are truly fine.

1. Are the batteries being ground up and poured into waste sites? Recycled?
2. Are the battery packs being repurposed into something else?
3. Are the batteries being resold?

As much as I want a new battery pack and the longer range, the impact of throwing away this much functional power storage and delivery is concerning, no matter the benefit to me as an owner.
If any can be determined "safe" (including with restrictions that still allow for reasonable use), then they could at least theoretically be used for other purposes like grid storage. Any that cannot be determined "safe" (including with restrictions that still allow for reasonable reuse) will likely be recycled to mine the materials from them.

The real problem is that LG and GM have not yet found a non-destructive way of determining which packs or modules are "safe" (or "safe" within the usage parameters of a car). If they did have such a method, they could avoid replacing the ones found to be "safe".

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No. None of that is required. If you show up with the battery below 90% SoC, and last charge at least 24 hours previous, the battery can be pulled immediately. GM claims they can tell both of these requirements with their laptop plugged into the OBD II port.
The revised service bulletin just say to ask the customer when the last charge was, since apparently the check through OBD-II / GDS2 sometimes gave false time since last charge.

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Status: "Not yet"

Model year: 2019
Build date 06/2019
Battery origin: KR (battery P/N 688380169)
You may want to check frequently -- many 2019 cars with Korea-made batteries have been moved to the remedy-eligible category, so it is likely your car will be one of the earlier remaining ones.

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Summary so far:
  • Still looks like mostly 2019 cars getting moved to remedy-eligible.
  • Looks like initial group moved to remedy-eligible October 8-22, 2021. Then a smaller group moved to remedy-eligible November 5-6, 2021.
  • Speed of getting work done is quite variable, depending on dealer willingness and knowledge of the remedy procedure.
  • Other year cars appear to be still those stuck at dealers waiting for module replacements due to "bad battery" codes and such (e.g. P0BBD).
  • However, Facebook A.H. recently had a replacement in a 2018 car with 185k miles and mostly charging to 100% and frequent deep discharges. No mention of being stuck at the dealer waiting for a module replacement. (I am not adding most Facebook reports now, but I added this one because it is interesting.)

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Discussion Starter · #83 · recenty appeared on the web site. It is a message dated November 8, 2021 from GM to dealers that "Additional 2017 - 2019 model year Chevrolet Bolt EV vehicles have been moved to ‘Open’ status in IVH and are now eligible for a battery module replacement." So it does look like the observed reports from November 5-6, 2021 match up with a batch of cars becoming remedy-eligible at that time.

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That's Interesting. According to @Sean Graham (Telek), there were ~14k model year 2019 Bolts with batteries made in Korea. Battery replacements began about 1 month ago (10/14 according to the table in the first post of this thread), so that might indicate a battery production rate. If so, it implies that 140,000 batteries might be produced in as few as 10 months.
Yes, that could be the case (although 10/14 was the first known battery replacement on these forums, so the batteries must have started production before that and had time to get shipped). However, given that a significant number of customers who have been notified of remedy eligibility are still trying to get repairs at dealers, it could be that dealer issues are now the bottleneck. Perhaps GM realizes that and decided to have the two week run of new production to absorb batteries that would otherwise just be backlogged on dealer issues.

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So far, still looks like mostly 2019 cars have become remedy eligible. The exceptions:
  • Cars that were already at the dealer waiting for battery modules (e.g. P0BBD codes and the like).
  • Cars that previously received replacement batteries in late 2018 (when the highest risk batteries were being made to put in 2019 cars).
  • A few 2018 cars, apparently with the highest risk use patterns (e.g. 185k miles with daily charging to 100%).

However, there are still some 2019 cars with Korea-made batteries that have not been moved to remedy eligibility.

Some on these forums who have reported remedy eligibility are still having trouble with local dealer unwillingness or inability to do the repair.

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I can confirm at least one MY 2017 VIN has become remedy eligible as well. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about recent charging history.
So far, the 2017 cars that I have seen reported as remedy eligible have been:
  • Cars that were already stuck at dealers for module replacements for other reasons (e.g. P0BBD triggered by the May software).
  • One car that had its battery replaced in late 2018 (when the highest risk batteries were made) for other defects.

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So far, it looks like there is a lull in cars being moved to the remedy eligible category since early-to-mid November.

It still looks like mostly 2019 cars (with Korea-made batteries when specified), but a few 2017 and 2018 cars (not stuck at dealer waiting for batteries already or with previously replaced batteries during the high-risk period) have been moved to the remedy eligible category. However, there are still some 2019 cars with Korea-made batteries that have not yet been moved to the remedy eligible category.
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