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Hello! Interested in leasing a Bolt but the two local dealers I talked to are at $600/mo with 10k miles for 36 months with $1k down. 58% residual. Seems crazy when I am hearing prices at half of that. A few questions:

1) Have you found dealers that will leave to out of state resident? If so, do I need to pick/up return at the local dealer?
2) What is a good price to lease? Looking for 10k or 12k miles.
3) What is this "one pay"? Is that just paying the entire amount up front? What is the typical discount?
4) Anyone know when the 2018s come out?

Thanks so much!
That price is ridiculous. Check this thread you'll get a lot of good information here. I'm still shopping for a Bolt EV but I'm in Southern California so my options are a lot better. But many people appear to be leasing out of state from Keyes Chevrolet in Van Nuys, Ca. Good luck.

Edit: Apparently because of my low post count I'm not abel to post links. Please check the sticky at the top of this thread labeled " How much below MSRP..."

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