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Bought a 2020 salvaged bolt - good condition, but would like it serviced by someone that REALLY knows the car. Dealers claim they know it but some do and some don't. Anyone in LA or OC know of a good service place Dealer or Non-Dealer.

All help is greatly appreciated.
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Thanks Jack - totally get it.

Salvaged - 14.5k miles, car was in an accident - front end (see photos). I am not sure if it is out of dealer warranty - not sure. Dented body, and from inspection, dented radiator on bottom plus some other front engine bay issues (possibley a motor mount as I hear a clunk on acceleration) and some louver code.

I am looking to get the car mecanically evaluated and a list of what needs to be done moving forward. I got two codes when we put the reader in - P1E00 (possibly generic power train or ac compressor or Hybrid Powertrain Control Module 2 Requested MIL Illumination ) - and U0284 (lost communication with Active Grill Air Shutter). Runs great, instruments all work well, audio is great. Replacing seatbelts and doing the body work on it. AC/ Heat not working right, but the heated seats and steering wheel are full on!

Got the orange car with the explamation point light (no one seems to know that that is - a few therories I have read on here). So I wanted someone other than the dealer to look at it. Someone with good experience working on Bolts in Los Angeles or OC. Really hard to find someone with a lot of experience and the dealers seem to be hit or miss on them depending on the dealer.

I also am avoiding the dealer as I have read the orange car and exclamation point could potentially be the HV Realy (hard to get part) and they seem to impound your car until it is fixed.

Looking for input from the Forum. Thanks in advance.


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Today I went to CAR NERDS in Santa Monica - Matt was good and they specialize in hybrids. Read all my codes and went over my car top to bottom. Walked me through everything while on the rack. Excellent. I recommend them if you are in LA and out of warranty.
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This note is to call out exceptional service by Patrick Moradian and Grant (service) at your dealership. Compared to service at other dealerships, Patrick is on a full separate level (much higher).

Quick background: 20 years at Viacom/Paramount/MTV Networks as VP of Global Business Development (I build million dollar global partnerships) and also built a 2 company automotive performance parts company that is globally known (STREETFIGHTER LA/ STREETHUNTER DESIGNS).

I recently started a salvage 2020 Chevy Bolt rebuild project for my daily EV driver. Called and talked to many other Chevy dealers in the SoCal area and landed at Allen Gwynn as you were the most understanding and seemed to have the expertise (Grant) on the Bolt. Patrick and Grant both own Bolts, which helped also.

I laid out all the mechanical issues on the car to Patrick in a detailed note and we came up with a full game plan and timeline. The car was to go to Grant (expert on Bolt). Estimate was reasonable and I provided Chevy parts that I had already and the dealership got the rest.

The entire experience was STELLAR. Patrick's ability to understand and go over and above was evident on every check in call. His communication was excellent and I picked up the car last week. It runs and functions very well. Like every repair it sometimes takes a little longer than you like and costs a little more (unexpected parts needed), and Patrick made this all pleasant.

From this experience I have now listed Allen Gwyenn Chevy on the official Chevy Bolt Forum as THE go to dealer in Los Angeles for any Bolt issue. IDue to Patrick/Grant and the service department's excellent service, I plan to buy a new 2023 Bolt from the dealership when they are ready to order.

Great work deserves great praise. Patrick and Grant killed it!

Lee Coleman
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