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Big Chevy - Little Chevy: A Study In Contrasts

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Walked out to my Bolt and was stunned by the difference in size! Silverado 2500 HD vs. Bolt EV. It is even more impactful in person. The roof of the Bolt is about the height of the hood on the Silverado.

I was curious to see what kind of mileage a 2500 HD would get, and learned that the EPA doesn't even bother testing fuel economy on this class of vehicles?!?

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Looks like a normal full-size truck. Generally, people purchasing them would have a use case for it. I see a bed box in the rear, which might indicate the truck is used for something.

As pointed out above, people showing off would probably oversize the tires, take the old man running boards off, and lift it.

What I never got was the interest in so-called fast trucks like the Lightning. It's a bit of an oxymoron because trucks handle like trash and aren't fast. They're meant for utility, not taking fast corners.

... my in-laws drove 1,250 miles in their GMC Sierra to our house, visited for 3 days, then drove 1,250 back. Probably used 125 gallons of petrol, spending $560. I'd have traded cars with someone for that trip or rented something.
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They're also used for reinforcing a man's fragile machismo.
Drive around the burbs and watch for them.
Very few are for 'utility'.
Well, some are for pulling the +$200k boat to The Lake!
A few times a year.:rolleyes:
a. women are attracted to men who drive trucks at a subconscious level
b. some men understand this and wish to boost their appeal to women
c. some people drive trucks in urban areas because they only own 1 vehicle so they use it for both transportation and utility

My in-laws are an example of c. He works on a farm and needs the utility of a truck, but that's his only vehicle, so that's what he drives halfway across the country to visit. No ego whatsoever.

I'll point out some people drive EVs as ego extensions too. Lots of ways to express personality with "things".

Personally, I don't consider image whatsoever when purchasing a vehicle because I don't consider myself so 1-dimensional to be characterized as a typical "truck driver" or "Prius driver" or any other stereotype (currently considering a minivan, plug-in preferably). I'm an individual, not arbitrary subset of identities.

Anecdotally... my first girlfriend had previously dated my friend for just a month. He drove a Ford Lightning, and she admitted that it seemed fun to date a guy with a fun truck, so that's why she went after him. He's the type to consider what women find attractive in every decision, and it works.
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