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Bolt car camping/glamping

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My wife and I went camping with the Bolt after I tested it out in the driveway to make sure it fit with the Napier SUV Tent 84000. I hate sleeping on the ground so the plan was to sleep in the car and we'd put the dogs and luggage in the tent. Then, depending on the weather, we'd have heat/air conditioning and power to plug things in.

I found some random things around the house that fit in the foot well and were tall enough to line up with the seats. So with the seats down, there was plenty of room to lay flat - especially with the hatch open. This is what I ended up using: 1) a clothes hamper and 2) two of these 33 quart dog food containers

Other than that, the Napier 84000 tent fit perfectly with no issues. It's meant for SUVs but it fits. The windshield was covered by a Heatshield and the side windows were covered with blankets. The only issue I had was that I didn't know which fuse to pull for the hatch light and the manual wasn't particularly helpful (anyone know?). So I just ended up pulling the bulb... :confused:

Next time, I'll try it with my cargo box now that people have found some cheap cross bars. Plus I ended up with 50 miles leftover after driving 160 round trip and running the car and A/C for about 3-4 hours over the weekend.

Enjoy car glamping!


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You'd think so, but you would be wrong. Read the part down the page about the aerodynamics.

We have carefully designed and adjusted the P17A1 to optimize airflow and reduce air resistance, resulting in a 70% air resistance reduction compared to the traditional teardrop trailers. Inspired by F1 vehicles, P17A has a full flat Aero underbody with vertical fins that helps to reduce air drag. Vortex generator on top of the P17A helps reduce drag by directing the air completely behind the trailer.
A scientific explanation in the age of science denial.
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