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Very nice. Now if I just understood French.
Still waiting for one in the US. But I did see a commercial for the Leaf while I was in Silicon Valley this week. Main message, the largest number of electric cars sold in the world were the Leaf.

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Mariloup Wolfe

The actress is Mariloup Wolfe, well known in Quebec TV and Québecois film. She has been the spokesperson for the Chevrolet Dealers of Quebec for about the last three years. I have caught several of their commercials while visiting and it seems the advertising plan is to have Mariloup reference a popular film while featuring a Chevy vehicle.

The commercial is tongue-in-cheek play on 'Back to the Future'

The GPS says "You have arrived in 1990".

Her younger self skates around the Bolt EV and asks "Wow, is the the car of the future?

"You could say that..."

"Do you have enough energy to get back home?"

"With the range I have, I will even have extra...[missing part of the double entendre here...]

Bolt, the future is now... with up to CAD$13,000 in incentives...
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