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Bolt compared to Prius

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Some one ask about photos of bolt size to Prius. Here are side by side photos. More to come for bolt vs suburban, Volt and Miata.
Bolt is shorter by a bit, in the front and the trunk. But it's defiantly has more room inside. ( drive the 2008 Prius last 9 1/2 years 218,675 miles) have everything on Prius but leather. Have a Bolt with everything (except like the tablet holder, who wants that??) loved the Prius but I love the bolt better. Saves 200+ dollars(@2.00 per gallon of gas) per month. I drive a min of 130 miles a day 5 days a week. Prius was very solid at first but like most cars it looseness up after a couple of years. I.E. sound proof and ride. Love not ever having to never go to a gas station. Back seat has way more room. Miss hauling big stuff cause trunk is much smaller but is ok cause seats in Bolt also fold down so I can still haul a bit.


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Well I already bought my used Prius C (a 2012 model bought in 2014) and I call it a "gateway drug" to true EVs. It gives you a tantalizing hint of what EV driving would be like. I've heard that more people move from various Prius variants to Volts and Bolts than from any other car.

And from what I can see Toyota's reputation for reliability is deserved. My Prius C hasn't had a single glitch, aside from some tire punctures which I can't really blame on the car, and which the car's TPMS system alerted me to.
Point proven and I agree its a great gateway. For the first time buyer of something green its a great cheap start while we wait for even cheaper EV's to come to market. If MB can have success with the Smart Car maybe GM can rival it with some GM compact city car.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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