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Bolt creeping forward at 2 mph

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I’ve got a new problem that started last night after I had noticed it intermittently a few times prior to last night. When on level ground and with my foot off of the accelerator, the car will move forward at two mph. It will do this whether in D or L and will move backwards at two mph when in reverse. Previously, when in L, the car would not move even when on a slight slope. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
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I just went out and confirmed the issue remained with the seatbelt buckled and it did. I’m one of those drivers that wear their seatbelts 100% of the time. I confirmed too that the seatbelt warning light went out when the belt was latched. And on a completely different you don’t want to drive the Bolt on ice and snow in the L mode. That thing slips all over the place when it is braking on it’s own. ABS does not appear to work in L. This is our first snow in Kentucky since we bought the Bolt. Thanks for your help in trying to diagnose my cars issue. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Mine slid in L as well... the first time it happened, I thought to quickly slap the shifter into D. As for the seat belt, it’s a safety thing... it lets you know the car is not in Park when you unfasten the belt to get out. My mom was complaining about her Model S going into park when the dogs were jumping around the car... turns out she had just checked the mail and was driving to the house w/o seat belt on and the car goes into park if you shift in the seat w/o seat belt. Very bad for the car when in a car wash with a conveyor belt. The bolt’s “reminder” won’t screw you up in a car wash.
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