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Bolt EV & EUV sales on track to reach 90k in 2023

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Based on reported EV registrations for the month of January, it looks like GM is pushing to beat their projected sales of 70,000 Bolt EV and EUV for 2023.

January saw a combined sales of around 7,500 EV and EUV sales. Furthermore, the Bolt EUV is outselling the Bolt EV two-to-one.

Should this trend continue, GM could easily see 90k sales by the end of this year or more (!) if they continue to ramp production.
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I hope they sell a bajillion Bolt EUVs because that means parts will be easy to find.
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Yes, but it won't be close. Tesla sells ~100K cars per month. I wish GM would ramp up production of the Bolt.
GM would sell a lot more Bolts, but they can't produce them fast enough. Look how much everybody is complaining about the wait time to get their Bolts. The demand is there. GM just doesn't have the production capacity for EVs at a level yet where they can meet the demand. That's going to change with Ultium, which is why there is so much investment in it.
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