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Bolt EV v/s i3 BMW

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With this I surly hope to be let out o the basement.
When the first first recall was announced bout the tippy top hill an all
I commenced to thinkin about that i3 on that carbono. I studied a lot.
I thought i3 is right nice even tho it looks like it was drawn with same Crayola and the same feller as the Bolt
yesterday somethin came on me an I looked up FIRES i3 on the eye phone.
Well them German folks got nothing on us. They be havin their share of fires.
SO I TELL Y'ALL learnin guys you were so correct.
My Bolt is OK an so is yours. In fact we don't need to fight them German guys cause of no i3 and gm is taken care of us.
Many sorries for my previous cat pukin. I take them cats back
If Y'ALL want to say something bout the i3 have at it
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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