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Bolt Longevity

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Has anyone reached the 100,000+ mile mark yet with their Bolt? If so, how are they holding up? I'm seriously thinking about buying a low mileage used one soon, but I'm worried about longevity. I'm thinking that if they can make it out to 150,000 miles with 80% of their original range, then this is a very doable venture, because by then you will have gotten your money's worth out of the vehicle. Anybody there yet, or close?
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On the other end of mileage, these cars are great if you don't drive much. It can sit in your garage for a week, and start right up.
I had an inkling of this with my battery powered lawnmower. I didn't use it for two years--stored it in my unheated garage. Had a mowing service. Then last spring I decided to try mowing again, and it started right up, as though I had just used it yesterday. So I figure Ecars are much more reliable engine-wise than gas cars. Fewer moving parts.
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