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Bolt Longevity

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Has anyone reached the 100,000+ mile mark yet with their Bolt? If so, how are they holding up? I'm seriously thinking about buying a low mileage used one soon, but I'm worried about longevity. I'm thinking that if they can make it out to 150,000 miles with 80% of their original range, then this is a very doable venture, because by then you will have gotten your money's worth out of the vehicle. Anybody there yet, or close?
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Wow, I had no idea they were holding us so well, and some have already gone past 100,000 miles. I'm impressed. That information really helps. I think I'm ready to make the switch. Thanks for the information.
I鈥檓 in sales and I drive all over Michigan (the populated part anyway) so I鈥檓 averaging about 3000 miles a month. I got mine in Feb of 2017 and have 71k miles on it. I鈥檝e not seen any decay in range over time. There is the usual temp dependent range differences (10F is 150 miles, 70F is 250 miles) but that鈥檚 to be expected. It doesn鈥檛 get super hot here so I鈥檓 not usually running the AC at warp speed. But we have DCFC units all over the place and range anxiety is no pager an issue. I drove it from MI to NC in April and back (2000 miles) for $31 of juice.

Join the crowd and come on over. You鈥檒l be glad you did.

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1 - 2 of 36 Posts