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Bolt on cover of "New Roads"

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Article inside covers commercial users of the Bolt and Bolt Cargo.
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My Bolt EV lease is up in January, 2021. If you don't have anything new to offer, you are going to lose my business to another manufacturer. I have been faithful. I have a 2011 Volt and a 2017 Bolt. But all I hear from you is talk about how electrification is the future of GM. It is time to put out a real time frame and show specific models. And a group of electric cars only available in China doesn't count!

It is time to show me that you really want my business. It is yours to lose, because I am starting to feel very neglected........

Jim I - Very Happy 2012 Volt & 2017 Bolt EV Owner

Let us know which make/model you feel provides more desired features than the Bolt EV. My wife's hybrid Kia Niro has adaptive cruise control and "lane keep assist" rather than "lane departure warning". For me, faster L-3 charging rates would be the tipping point (even more than a larger traction battery). 50 kW (at low SoC) is puny. I don't need 250 kW, but 100 kW would be nice!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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