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Bolt on cover of "New Roads"

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Article inside covers commercial users of the Bolt and Bolt Cargo.
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It is good to see that Chevy has put the Bolt EV on the cover of New Roads.

Now it would be nice if GM and their dealers actually tried to advertise and sell these cars!

I just looked and there are exactly 2 Bolt EV's available within a 30 mile radius of Youngstown, Ohio.

We also have a home in Atlantis, Florida. Checked there as well. There are 6 Bolt EV's within a 30 mile radius.

When is the last time anyone here saw any GM promotion for a Bolt via mail, email, TV, radio, or print? It seems GM has done everything possible to hide these cars from sale.

But I see that it is again "TRUCK MONTH"!!! It makes me want to vomit.

Note to GM:

My Bolt EV lease is up in January, 2021. If you don't have anything new to offer, you are going to lose my business to another manufacturer. I have been faithful. I have a 2011 Volt and a 2017 Bolt. But all I hear from you is talk about how electrification is the future of GM. It is time to put out a real time frame and show specific models. And a group of electric cars only available in China doesn't count!

It is time to show me that you really want my business. It is yours to lose, because I am starting to feel very neglected........

Jim I - Very Happy 2012 Volt & 2017 Bolt EV Owner
GM has millions of customers to satisfy every year, and those customers are voting for pickup trucks and family size SUV's - not for a token EV. The shareholders, the UAW and the gov't are on board with this trend, too, because their revenues are derived from GM profits today not from a vague "electrified future".

Like I said somewhere else, if the subsidies and other blatantly market-distorting incentives were removed, we'd only have Tesla and a bunch of specialty/boutique EV manufacturers, and they would gradually perfect the tech, with a little help from here and there, until every Bumpkin, Yokel and Co (including GM) can replicate it.

Natural competition and purpose-driven investments into R&D will drive the progress a lot harder than the legislative meddling in the creation of the new generation powertrain.
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