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Bolt on cover of "New Roads"

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Article inside covers commercial users of the Bolt and Bolt Cargo.
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I enjoyed the articles on the fleet vehicles in New Roads. It's funny to see the Yerba Mate fleet vehicles because I one of them quite often at my local grocery store where we sometimes charge side by side; I've seen it running around town doing deliveries too. Also it's nice to see some other applications around town where I work a few miles away like GIG Care share; now that fleet is getting into the hundreds so they're everywhere in downtown Sacramento. It's truly a changing landscape around here. Also like the "Yellow Cab" Bolt fleet. I think people complain so much about GM's commitment to EVs but I think GM is being pretty realistic and fair to their shareholders. Sure I wish they were a bit more aggressive about marketing EVs but let's face it; outside of Tesla there really hasn't been a major consumer demand; witnessed that GM isn't selling out BoltEVs. I wish it was different but this is an evolving landscape. GM isn't an EV cult like Tesla; it's a different game plan for GM. Sorry I got off track a bit thinking about Nikki's video today on Transport Evolved.
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