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Bolt plug in charger problems

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First a hello to all. I am new to the forum. We bought a 2017 Bolt new on Aug 3, 2017. Best car I have driven. Since we use it mostly for short trips I have only used the supplied 120V charger. I have on occasion, if the battery is low or we are going on a long trip, used the charger boost feature on the driver info screen to increase the charge rate from 8Amps to 12 Amps. The last two times I have used this boost the charger has faulted on me. I disconnect the charger and reduce the charge to the 8 amp level and then it works fine. I have noticed that when the charger faults that the prongs and cord of the charger (the end that connects to the wall) are warm. The prongs are actually too hot to touch. Anyone else have this problem?? I suspect the charger is failing and probably will not be covered under warranty. If this is the case I will buy a faster charger. If this happens any suggestions to the best route to go. I am an electrician and can wire in a 240V circuit for a faster charger. Thank you for your help and suggestions. This is a 2017 premier model with the DC charge ports.
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Your problem is a failing outlet, or a loose connection of the white, or black wire to the outlet. If you are comfortable working on house wiring, turn of the breaker to that outlet, remove the faceplate, check the wire connections with a screwdriver. If the connections are tight, the outlet needs replacing.

[edit] As you are an electrician, I assume you already checked the stuff I mentioned. In that case there is a faulty connection in the molded plug. GM should cover that under warranty, I would think.
Thank you-First off I should be ashamed!! Funky contacts in the receptacle. Thankfully it did not melt the rubber around the cord plug. Years ago I stopped using cheap 10 pack (contractor packs at HD) and started forking out money for the high quality 20Amp receptacles around my house and garage. This was one I did not get to and I feel like a dope for not checking it before posting. I replaced and all is well. Thanks!
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