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Bolts in the wild?

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Besides the Bolt you may own, or lease, are you seeing Bolts out on the highway yet? I spotted my second one today. Other than a truck load I saw on a transporter and those on the dealer lots, I have only spotted two actually "in the wild".

How about you?

I thought they would be selling better here in the Bay Area Bubble, but it seems sales are a bit reserved which is good for me because they are starting to pile up on dealer lots and the price is coming down. (Now advertised $1700 off MSRP) Maybe people are waiting for others to go first? Maybe only a Tesla Model 3 will do? Maybe people hold a grudge against GM to the death?
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Here in central Virginia, I have seen one other not on a dealer's lot. I am sure there are at least a dozen or more around, but mostly in Richmond, and northern Virginia.

"Here is the map of sightings"

Looks like the other two were along the Skyline Drive? Might one of them might have been bro1999 on one of his family trips?

It is a small world. I have checked out the pictures on Plugshare, of the chargers along the Drive. I see bro1999's Bolt, and Ben Rich's Zero motorcycle...both out if state, but well know from the EV blog-o-sphere.
Still have seen only one other Bolt, but Friday I saw my first Smart ForTwo electric, in Ashland! I drove to Mac's Service Center, to check out their DCFC. Nice guy. He was out to look at the Bolt within seconds. They have a big new shop at Zions Crossroads, which will also be getting a DCFC!! They specialize in hybrid and electric cars. That is where I'll be going to get our tires rotated at 7,500 miles.

That trip was on state and county roads, at the speed limit. Cool day so only radio, lights, and fan used. Driving west from here gets you into pretty flat terrain, so amazing efficiency.

109.7 miles, 5.0 mi/kWh


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Have seen two, in the nine months they have been available here.
My fourth sighting. Saw a red one today, around noon, in the Pantops Shopping Center, Charlottesville, Virginia. Anybody on here?
Saw a Model S, and an i3 yesterday, in Charlottesville. Don't get into the city much, but I have seen two other Bolts in Charlottesville this year.
I rode my cargo bike into Charlottesville yesterday, to buy a new chain. I spotted a light blue Bolt I have seen before driving around, but this time it was in their driveway. Anybody on here?
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Other than at EV events, I have seen one other Bolt on the road...ever. I have seen three Tesla Model 3's, half a dozen Model X, dozens of Leafs, one i-Miev, and long ago lost track of Model S.
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Saw a kinetic blue Bolt in Charlottesville today. I already knew of an arctic blue at least two in C'ville. Of course, we also saw a black Model least the fourth of those I've seen.
Here the patriarch of the family, Mr. Bolt Sr. Sr., spotted in Deer Lodge, Big Sky Country, of all places.

The plaque near the car implies hypermiling was a thing back then as well, as someone was recorded driving the Grandpoppy for 200+ miles on one charge (80 miles was the advertised range).
There is an electric car in a history house/museum in Oconto, Wisconsin.

It had belonged to a timber/insurance/banking baron's wife. My dad remembered the wife still driving it around when she was an old lady, when he was a kid. It had cut glass vases on the door pillars for flowers, and a tiller for steering. The seat curved around the sides like a love seat.
I saw a black Bolt parked in a spot that normally has a black Model S parked in it, today. I'd love to know the story there.
I just checked my local dealer. They sold an LT and a Premier in 2017, and they just finished doing the same for 2018 this year. This means I should get to see a 2019 LT, and 2019 Premier again this fall. :)
Hey, at least they're selling them. Our local Chevy dealer here in Bend OR states they are not a "Bolt Dealer" so won't sell them. Bend is generally pretty progressive and environmental so this is somewhat of a shock to me. I'm driving 3 hours to get mine.
Yeah. It appears lots of Chevy dealers have never sold a Volt or a Bolt.
I go back to Oshkosh every few years and I have to say in fairness, my observation is, that part of the country is not really a hot bed of EV adoption.
Having grown up there, and going to the EAA flyin many times, I'd say it is about as likely as central Virginia to discover EVs. I recently went to a hotrod show here. I couldn't get one of those guys to look at the car, let alone drive it. You would think I'd offered him a chance to stick his head in a crocodile's mouth. :)
see very little to nothing on the Bolt or Volt. Tesla on the other hand.........
Tesla = rich swingers. Volt and Bolt = married with kids. Which would you rather pretend to be?
It's a rare car indeed in Northern Virginia.
If you think the Bolt is rare in northern Virginia, you should try central Virginia. There are more pickup trucks in my neighbor's driveway, at this moment, than Bolts in the four surrounding counties. :)
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OK! I have one to add. I was out riding toward Lake Anna this afternoon. As usual, I saw a Model 3 on my way out. But on my way back, I saw a charcoal grey Bolt heading south on Rt 522, near Cuckoo.

The license plate read MODEL 4. :)
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I was at the light by the Zion Crossroads Sheetz, this am, and saw a light silverish Bolt heading to the EA chargers. Or so I thought at first. They kept going...probably to Walmart, or Lowes.
This is a rare photo in my neck of the woods. Three Bolts in one parking lot.
That would only happen at an EV event here. :LOL:
I left on a bike ride yesterday, and saw a white Bolt headed west on Rt 250, just before 4 pm, about a mile and a half from our house. First Bolt I have seen out here. There are at least a half dozen Teslas, several Volts, and a Leaf out here. Anybody on here?
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