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Bolts in the wild?

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Besides the Bolt you may own, or lease, are you seeing Bolts out on the highway yet? I spotted my second one today. Other than a truck load I saw on a transporter and those on the dealer lots, I have only spotted two actually "in the wild".

How about you?

I thought they would be selling better here in the Bay Area Bubble, but it seems sales are a bit reserved which is good for me because they are starting to pile up on dealer lots and the price is coming down. (Now advertised $1700 off MSRP) Maybe people are waiting for others to go first? Maybe only a Tesla Model 3 will do? Maybe people hold a grudge against GM to the death?
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Ok today for the first time in Sacramento I noticed the City's Parking Enforcement has officially traded up from the Prius to the BoltEV ... full light bar and everything. Sorry I didn't get my phone out quick enough to get a shot of it as it was driving by but I will follow up once I get a chance to take a photo. Seems like this is latest part of the Green Fleet:
Saw my first Bolt in the wild on my commute this morning, then about two miles later I saw this one...

that's the unicorn! that Lime Green Neon one is pretty cool!
Not a Bolt EV but A new Kia Soul ...heart and soul. Love this little dude ... Saw it at the market tonight.


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Me too. I'm definitely interested in this style. I think the range on this is just about the same as the Bolt but I'm not sure about the pricing or availability. It's gonna be a while before I'm back in the market for another EV, though.
Here's The.City of.Sacramento Parking enforcement Bolt in action.
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