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Bolts in the wild?

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Besides the Bolt you may own, or lease, are you seeing Bolts out on the highway yet? I spotted my second one today. Other than a truck load I saw on a transporter and those on the dealer lots, I have only spotted two actually "in the wild".

How about you?

I thought they would be selling better here in the Bay Area Bubble, but it seems sales are a bit reserved which is good for me because they are starting to pile up on dealer lots and the price is coming down. (Now advertised $1700 off MSRP) Maybe people are waiting for others to go first? Maybe only a Tesla Model 3 will do? Maybe people hold a grudge against GM to the death?
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There are 3 (including mine) in a 4 square block around me, and at least 3 more in my town of 9000. Of course we also probably have the highest number of solar panels per capita of the entire state. You also can't go three feet without seeing a Leaf.
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