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It's a 412xxxx. I don't remember the exact build date but it was mid December when the bot on the Chevy site switched to saying that the car had been produced. Then a week ago my dealer said it had arrived locally via train, so it took about a month.
Ok. They have been shipping cars in those 4 VIN ranges (randomly) since at least last summer and they are still the only ranges I'm seeing. I assume that all of them are part of a vast number of cars that were sitting due to the stop sale but I don't actually know. If so, it could explain the issues with weak 12 volt batteries and low coolant reservoirs. Careful examination of the interiors and underside of the cars shows them to be perfectly factory fresh in every way. What we need is an update from some spies in Orion who can tell us about the stored inventory levels and also what is streaming out of the plant. When taking delivery, it would be wise to check these things under the hood before you leave the dealer.
1 - 3 of 77 Posts