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Buying 2022 EV - How do I determine if it has latest update?

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New member in the process of purchasing a used 2022 EV with 8,100 miles. By records, it was in for the 8k mile service and tire rotation but I don鈥檛 know if it has received the latest software update limiting it to 80% charge. Purchasing from an independent dealer. Suspect it was traded in somewhere but not to a GM dealer. The Bolt is currently in another state and I鈥檓 pretty certain the dealer doesn鈥檛 know how to or have the ability to determine if it has been updated. Is contacting the concierge with the VIN the only way to find out? Thanks!
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Thanks for the replys! Have already checked the Chevy site with VIN and it does show the battery recall number. Im not at the place where the Bolt is located so can鈥檛 check if the car is limited to 80%. Will ask the dealer to check the charge limit.
When did it go in for service? The software update for model year 2022 was made available on December 21st, so if the service was before then, it wouldn't have received the update at that time.

Unfortunately, the software update is an interim procedure that does not change the recall status, so you won't be able to tell from the Chevy recall website or NHTSA.
Just checked, appears the Bolt was traded in at a Hyundai dealer around that time so pretty certain no software update performed. Recall is noted as issued on CarFax report. Apparently the Hyundai dealer didn鈥檛 want it so it was sold to the independent dealer I鈥檓 working with.
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