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CA HOV stickers - where to stick em ?

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Hi all, for those who have already affixed your HOV stickers, mind sharing where you actually put them ?

Seems like on the quarter panels and also rear bumper, space is so limited, and you can only go 'higher' to find a big enough spot.

Some pics would be great !

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There's just really no way to make those stickers look good...Best you can do is pick a corner and stick them there.
Why can't they just require one instead of three?
Since the bolt doesn't have an exhaust pipe, would it be ugly to put them where those indents are at the very bottom of the Bolt?
First off, I used just one sticker. I put it on the glass rear hatch near the Chevy logo. Anyone can see it. No one is going to stop you for placing it there. The problem with my other cars is when you try and remove them. On the paint they seem to become one in the same. On the glass it is surrounded by black glass and stands out. It does not hinder my rear view. Perfect.
I assume the contents of the stickers are the same, shouldn't be too bad if you stick one somewhere highly visible. Unless the cop is having a really bad day, they'll probably want to catch ppl who are speeding.
From what I'm seeing, it's just best to put all the stickers on. Someone from the Tesla thread mentioned that CVC 5205.5 has no provision for a "fix it" ticket. So that may be the cause for that $800 fine.
I think it'd be worse if you paint them on, then they'll be permanent and you'll never be able to peel them off. Bad enough the prominent stickers are temporary.
1 - 5 of 68 Posts
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